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Monogram Pendants and Necklaces

Monogram necklaces personalized with your family initials in gold or sterling silver, from Apples of Gold Jewelry!

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Monogram Necklaces Ė Creating Multiple Looks

Plain or ornate, necklaces completely transform the appearance of any outfit. With thousands of design and style options, you have the ability to dress up or dress down your entire wardrobe. In fact, the simple act of switching out a necklace can give the same outfit an entirely different look. Necklaces also give you the opportunity to express your personality and in some cases, make a profound statement. Although you have an endless list of possibilities of jewelry, the one piece you will never go wrong with is monogram necklaces. Read more.

Special Gift versus Personal Shopping

Monogram necklaces are the ideal gift but also personal addition to a jewelry collection. As an example of gift-giving, this type of necklace is perfect for bridesmaids. The challenge for most brides is finding an equal gift for all the women in the bridal party yet choosing something personalized. Necklaces with monograms address both problems, making them the ideal solution. For something like this, the bride can choose the exact necklace across the board or purchase several different designs and styles based on each bridesmaidís personality and preferred style.

Of course, monogram necklaces are also great for self-pampering. Because there are so many different options, you might even consider purchasing more than one necklace to further expand your wardrobe. Something else to consider is that in lieu of your own initials as seen with traditional monogram necklaces, you can choose the initials of a child or grandchild. With this, the necklace will be worn with even greater pride.

Monogram Personalization

Obviously, a personís initials are what personalize monogram necklaces but if wanted there are additional ways to achieve this goal. For instance, you can choose between different precious metals, such as gold, white gold, or sterling silver, or if available on your particular monogramed necklace, the color or type of gemstone embellishment for a more modern designed necklace.

One final note is that when shopping for monogram necklaces, you can also select between traditional and contemporary monogram necklaces, you will have a very impressive wardrobe and be the envy of coworkers and friends. It may sound odd, but the design of one simple necklace makes a huge impact in overall appearance.

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