Classic Monogram Pendant, 14K White Gold

Classic Monogram Pendant, 14K White Gold

Item #: QGPD-XNA501W
Retail Value: 675.00

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made in the USA

Let your personality shine through with this stunning gold monogram pendant. This piece is a clever example of how three letters in a monogram can form the very shape of the pendant itself. The Classic Monogram Pendant in 14K White Gold is just the type of accessory you can wear over and over again, and each time appreciate its fine quality and design.

The round pendant is 14k white gold and measures 25mm by 25mm (not including bale). It features up to three letters that are artistically placed in a pattern to make a truly original monogram design. At the top of the pendant is a gold loop and bale for a chain. The polished surface shines, magnifying the quality of the white gold.

All in all, this monogram makes for a lovely gold pendant to have and to hold. Its creative design and original arrangement of letters make it a truly unique piece of jewelry to own. The pendant is entirely made up of three letters