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Simple Yet Elegant Gold Ball Stud Earrings

The selection of earrings available today is astounding. In addition to traditional designs and styles that date back to ancient times, you have access to virtually thousands of more contemporary options. Of course, earrings are also made from a variety of metals, gemstones, and other embellishments. With so many choices, you can purchase something vibrant, bold, and ornate if wanted or perhaps go with simple yet elegant gold ball stud earrings. Read more.

There was a time when seeing a man wearing earrings was disturbing to some but today, millions of men from all walks of life enjoy this type of jewelry just as much as women do. Although most men do not wear dangling type earrings, many do enjoy gold ball stud earrings.

Key Benefits

Compared with other earring styles, gold ball stud earrings actually offer a number of unique benefits as outlined below.

• This particular style of jewelry can be worn by men and women of all ages

• Gold ball stud earrings are commonly used as “piercers” for infants, teenagers, and even adults who have decided to get pierced ears but they are also available for people who have worn pierced earrings for years

• These earrings are available in both white and yellow gold. In fact, ball studs are made from sterling silver, platinum, and titanium although gold is the most popular choice of metal.

• You will also discover many different sizes of gold ball stud earrings. While there are additional options, sizes 2 to 10 millimeters are most common. Gold ball stud earrings of 2 millimeters are extremely small whereas 10 millimeters are quite large.

• These stud earrings are also available in different qualities of fineness, which equates to the degree of pure gold. Referred to as “karat” or “fineness”, it is important to understand that for any gold jewelry, which includes gold ball stud earrings, higher karat numbers are comprised of more pure gold. However, the higher the karat number goes, the softer the gold becomes.

The following are karats used most often for crafting jewelry to include gold ball stud earrings. Just remember that each karat has a specific fineness percentage. In simple terms, this is the amount of pure gold with the remaining percentage being the composition of other metals.

o 10 Karat (417) –41.7% fineness level

o 12 Karat (500) – 50% fineness level

o 14 Karat (583) – 58.3% fineness level

o 18 Karat (750) – 75% fineness level

o 24 Karat (99+) – 99% plus fineness level

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