5mm Polished Ball Stud Earrings, 14K Gold

5mm Polished Ball Stud Earrings, 14K Gold

Item #: QGER-16Z
Retail Value: 150.00


made in the USA

These superb 5mm Polished Ball Stud Earrings make a perfect gift for the woman who has everything. Solid gold studs are an essential fashion accessoryeveryday' earrings.

These 14k yellow gold studs are perfectly shaped into polished balls (5mm) that easily fit on the ear and have no trouble at all evoking either a subtle look or taking center stage, as needed. Gold earrings are such a wonderful element to add to any outfit, and they can be further glamorized by adding more gold jewelry. Easy to wear and easy to remove with a push-back post, these gold studs are a winning gift every time.

The shining nature of the yellow gold is teased out from the precious metal, thanks to the high-polish treatment on the surface of the earrings, making these ball studs a truly attractive accessory. You just simply can't go wrong with wearing gold studs