14K Tri-Color Gold Love Knot Earrings

14K Tri-Color Gold Love Knot Earrings

Item #: QGER-LE1440
Retail Value: 300.00


Made in Italy

These 14K tri-color gold love knot earrings from Apples of Gold Jewelry will brighten up your day and add a bit of excitement to your jewelry collection!

Made from three different gold colors - 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold, and 14K rose gold, you can have all three in the same earring without having to choose between the three! Each loop on the love knot earrings is a different color gold, and each earring measures 8.5mm by 8.5mm in size. These earrings are perfect for those looking to spice up their earrings or try out a new style!

We guarantee our 14K Tri-Color Gold Love Knot Earrings to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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