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New Year’s Resolution: Purity Rings


personalized-purity-ring-with-cz-accent-mr91506cKeep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep. ~ Anthony Hitt

When you’re young and in love, it’s hard to remember that true love waits. But it does, and this ring will help you keep to the purity you’ve promised to yourself and those who love you. Or if you’re a parent who is looking for something special and unique for a young couple, then this Personalized Purity Ring in Sterling Silver with CZ Accent is just the thing.

Two cubic zirconia birthstones grace the elegant setting and the personalized option of engraving two names alongside the stone make it the perfect gift. Created especially for each couple, this ring will forever commemorate that perfect moment in time when they made their promise to each other. The sterling silver shines like the future and the CZ birthstones add a stunning splash of color and glamour. Names can be up to 10 characters each including numbers and keyboard symbols. See Apples of Gold’s spectacular collection of Personalized Silver Jewelry.


true-love-waits-purity-ring-r70648cSome people still make promises and keep those they make. When they do, they help make life around them more stably human. ~ Lewis B. Smedes

Since the start of the True Love Waits movement in 1993, more than 3 million young people have joined in declaring their intention to wait for marriage. The pledge reads: “Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, those I date, and my future mate to be sexually pure until the day I enter marriage.” Here is a ring that says it all, so if you’re looking for a special, personalized gift for your teen, give her this beautiful “True Love Waits” Personalized Purity Ring in fine sterling silver. The phrase is blackened to stand out against the polished silver, and there is room on the inside of the ring for engraving up to 30 characters (including letters, numbers, and keyboard symbols). Made to last, it will be a constant reminder of love and promises, both hers and yours. We have more Christian Jewelry for your consideration, too.


true-love-waits-purity-ring-in-sterling-silver-nr91240-sscGod’s promises are all on condition of humble obedience. ~ Ellen G. White

Another sterling silver “True Love Waits” ring, this one has a bold font proclaiming the sentiment along with a cross to remind the wearer that the promise is, ultimately, between them and God. A dynamic statement of faithfulness, the words are etched into the surface of the ring with stunning detail. This is one of our top-selling rings for teenagers, because it is attractive and can be personalized as well. The option of including up to 30 characters inside the ring makes it truly one-of-a-kind, with the date of commitment or anything else you want to say engraved there. It’s easy to see why this purity ring is so popular with the young adult set! Come take a look at our engaging selection of Women’s Christian Rings, too.


true-love-waits-purity-ring-in-sterling-silver-82667The faith-based thing is really important for me. There are certain situations that I would not have been able to make through without the promises He makes and gave for us. ~ Jordin Sparks

Christ has made promises to you—isn’t it time you made one to Him? This Oxidized True Love Waits Purity Ring in Sterling Silver does just that. With the promise to wait for marriage, true love waits is etched into the gently brushed finish of the ring to remind you of your vow of chastity. The oxidized font makes the lettering stand out against the sterling silver, ever ready to help you stand strong. Available in whole sizes, 5-9.

Apples of Gold is a Christian-owned company and we strive to put the Lord Jesus Christ first in all that we do. Be sure to check out our entire collection of Purity Rings.


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