What is a Promise Ring? 

promise ringsA promise ring, also known as a purity ring or a chastity ring, is a symbol of your commitment to remain sexually pure until marriage. Popularized in the 1990s by initiatives such as “True Love Waits,” promise rings are often worn on the same finger as a wedding band, adding to their significance. While some women move a promise ring to their right hand when they get engaged, many individuals wear them on their left ring finger until the wedding ceremony.

By waiting to be sexually intimate until you both have wedding rings of your fingers, you’re able to give each other all of yourselves, rather than just whatever’s left over. A purity ring is a sign that you’re willing to save yourself so that you can belong completely to your husband or wife.

Just as wedding bands serve as a reminder of the promises made at the altar, a promise ring functions as a reminder of your commitment to wait until you’re married. Wearing such a ring can bring to mind the decision you’ve already made to save yourself for your spouse when you’re faced with pressures and temptations. They help you avoid making a decision in the moment because they represent a commitment you’ve already made.

Since a promise ring signifies your promise, not your past, you can wear a promise ring regardless of your history. Some individuals wear one as a symbol of “second virginity” and their renewed commitment to abstinence.

Promise rings come in many designs from simple bands to detailed symbols of faith, so it’s easy to find one that fits your style and will serve as a beautiful reminder of your love for your future spouse:promise ring

  • Apples of Gold’s “I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine” Ring in sterling silver gracefully engraves a verse from Song of Solomon as a reminder that even before you’re married, you belong to your spouse and your spouse belongs to you.
  • The Ladies’ Cross Ring in two-tone 14k gold serves as a reminder not only of your commitment to purity, but also of your faith in God, who gives you the strength to remain true to your promise.
  • The Sterling Silver I Love You Ring holds a hand-stamped message of love inside the band. It signifies that you love your future husband or wife enough to wait for them.
  • Six diamonds form a cross on the Diamond Cross Ring. This is just one of the stylish options available for men.

No matter what style you prefer, a promise ring is both a statement and a tool to remind you that you committed to purity. By signifying that you’re willing to wait for your future spouse, you’re showing your love for them in advance.

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