Opal, the Shimmering Birthstone of October 

The real splendor of God’s Creation is reflected in the diverse magnificence of Opals, which display lightening and fire along with the soft glow of far off shores and the true colors of rainbow. Opal is the stone of October and represents all the passion, depth and wisdom that people who are born in this month hold.

Opals consist of a vast array of gemstones, which all sparkle while incessantly changing their colors that are trapped inside.

Genuine Opal Heart Ring, 14K White GoldThey give the feeling of utter luxury along with femininity and glow, which is every woman’s dream. A great example of that is our Genuine Opal Heart Ring, 14K White Gold. It an amazing gift and the huge heart where the stone sits will not only reaffirm your love but will also prove your taste for sophistication.

14K Gold Opal Heart Ring

The same design is also available in 14k yellow gold for the traditional and conventional look that most people adore. Our 14K Gold Opal Heart Ring signifies class in a vintage yet unique way.



5mm Opal Stud We have a huge collection of not only opal rings, but stud earrings. Our 5mm Opal Stud Earrings, 14K White Gold is a veritable crowd pleaser. They go with everything and look fantastic on any occasion. They can be worn on daily basis as a great style statement.

We have a huge Opal collection at Apples of Gold including rings, pendants, studs and earrings. We offer the finest quality of Opal jewelry and stones because we believe that our clients deserve the purest and the best.

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