Padlock Necklaces That Can Be Engraved 


Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks.—Joe Paterno

Having confidence launches you right into the limelight of life. When you reflect courage and determination, others take you seriously and often move aside so that you can lead. But occasionally, it’s difficult to remember that you are the self-assured person you want to project to the world. Wearing this solid 14k yellow gold lock on a chain around your neck will remind you that your positive personality is something to be treasured and shared with the world. Our engravable gold lock is a half-inch in size, plenty of room for one initial on the front and one on the back (engraving is optional). A 16″-18″ 14k gold chain is included. Part of our Engravable Pendants and Jewelry Collection.


No padlocks, bolts, or bars can secure a maiden better than her own reserve.—Miguel de Cervantes

Today, many people think it’s okay to invade your personal space, say anything they please to you, and expect more than you are willing to give. To remind yourself that your own reserve will prevent much of the rudeness of modern society from ruining your day, wear this pretty little 14k white gold padlock on its matching chain and remember that kindness does not require you to accept anything and everything. You are your own strength. Remember how strong you are and know that this small pendant (optional engraving of one initial on each side) is a lovely piece of jewelry and a statement that you are your own. This one stands out among our Gold Pendants!


I love rose gold – it’s just beautiful and classy and timeless.—Madelaine Petsch

Many women find wearing a rose gold pendant makes them feel beautiful and classy, as does Madelaine Petsch. But you are totally different, a rare bird among a flock of pigeons. Your jewelry reflects your unique character, so this 14k rose gold padlock pendant necklace is just one way you express your individualism. It reminds you not that you are limited, but that you have complete charge over who you are and what you do. No one else makes those choices for you—they are locked against those who would take away your self identity. Wear it with pride and watch heads turn! We have many other ideas for expressing your uniqueness among our collection of Engravable Pendants!


Fashion is one of those places in which, when you’re wearing something that feels like a representation of you, it does create, in a matter of speaking, a space for you to exist. Even if it’s just in a two-inch radius of where you are. It’s a walking, personalized area in which you can live.—Yara Shahidi

Small things, it seems, can embody huge personalities. This little 1/2″ padlock pendant in Sterling Silver exemplifies this concept. Optional engraving makes it even easier for the essence of your personality to shine through. With one initial on the front and one on the back, expressing a relationship or a commitment to be who you are becomes quite simple. If you’re looking for a gift for someone you love, this necklace makes the perfect choice as it goes along with any outfit and is appropriate for any occasion. Shipping is always free, and this necklace with its matching sterling silver chain (in 16″ – 18″ length, your choice) would make someone extremely happy. Lock up that decision about what to give that special person with this one or another from our collection of Silver Personalized Pendants and Necklaces.

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