Resizing Rings, Metal Matters 

1.50 Carat Classic CZ Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K Yellow GoldFor the most part, my ring finger size rarely changed.  That is, until my third trimester.  Then my normally thin fingers turned into sausage digits.  I couldn’t wear my wedding or engagement ring!  Thankfully, the punishment ended after giving birth but it forced me to think about getting my rings resized in case the sausageness was permanent.
  • So can you even resize ANY ring?  The answer is no.  When it comes to resizing rings, the type of metal matters.
  • Let’s start with gold. Whether it’s yellow, white, or rose gold, this metal is the most popular choice for wedding rings and engagement rings.  Gold can be resized and repaired.
  • The same goes with platinum, an extremely long wearing but expensive metal.
    Silver is a softer metal than gold, titanium and platinum and does not have hardness that the other metals do.
  • It can be resized but don’t be surprised if some jewelers won’t.  They generally don’t like it because silver doesn’t have the hardness of other metals.
  • Not all metals, however, can be changed or repaired, like titanium rings.  Titaium is the hardest metal in the world with three times the strength of steel and way stronger than gold, silver and platinum.  It’s lightweight and 100 percent hypo-allergenic which makes it a popular metal.
  • Tungsten is another metal that can’t be resized.  It’s hard, strong, durable, and very heavy.  Unlike gold, platinum, and titanium, tungsten is scratch resistant which makes it popular for rings, particularly men’s rings.
Stainless steel is a relatively hard and durable metal which makes it extremely hard to resize.
For Apples of Gold customers, all gemstone and diamond rings can easily be sized within 1 to 1.5 sizes up or down.  The only exceptions are handmade wedding bands with more intricate designs which can be stretched up to 1/2 size but cannot be cut down.  Remember, Apples of Gold Jewelry offer a 45 day return/exchange policy and free ring sizing during that time.

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