Black Cross Rings: Pairing Modern Metals with Antique Finishes 

Black Cobalt Chrome Cross Insignia Diamond RingThe message of the cross is nothing new, but it never gets old! That’s why cross rings with black antiqued finishes are ideal ways to symbolize a faith that’s build on never-changing truth and an ever-present message of hope.

Many of the black cross rings in Apples of Gold’s collection are crafted from cobalt. This metal not only has a sleek modern look that can be polished to a high shine; it also has a number of performance properties that set it apart. At five times stronger than gold, it’s an incredibly durable, nearly shatterproof metal that’s perfect for expressing the fortitude of your affection. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic, making the strong styles to follow remarkably gentle on the skin.

Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross Ring

When the cool shine of cobalt is paired with a dark antiqued finish, truly striking contrast results, allowing styles like the Black Cobalt Chrome Cross Insignia Diamond Ring to catch the eye and emphasizing their symbolism. This bold design calls to mind a signet ring of times past thanks to the single stylized Maltese cross that’s carved front and center. In addition to its dark finish, this ring brings an extra dose of black in the form of a single black diamond accent. This wide band narrows in the back for comfort—a good thing since it’s a style that can be worn every day.

Men's Cobalt Blackened Cross Coat of Arms Ring

The Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross Ring also has a double dose of black, this time in a repeating design that wraps all the way around the wearer’s finger. Time-honored Maltese crosses are sculpted into this 9mm-wide band, and each one is studded in the center with a round black diamond. An antiqued finish allows every detail of this ring to stand out. In addition to serving as a fashionable statement of faith, this style could also be worn as a unique and meaningful wedding band.

The Men’s Cobalt Blackened Cross Coat of Arms Ring is a particularly bold selection as a striking cross motif is sculpted into a square-shaped face and given a dark-washed finish that adds depth. This daring design calls to mind the coats of arms that were once prominently displayed on shields and banners, making it an excellent way to declare that your faith is part of your identity. It’s just one of Apples of Gold’s cross rings for men that draws from the past to convey a message that’s always relevant.

Emblazoned Cross Black Diamond Cobalt RingSimilarly, the Emblazoned Cross Black Diamond Cobalt Ring draws it inspiration from centuries-old insignia, with a design that would seems just as at home on the breastplate of a medieval knight as it does on the finger of any modern man of faith and style. A single black diamond accents the center of bold sculpted cross, while small beaded edges add a touch of class.

Of course, cobalt isn’t the only modern metal used in cross rings that takes on a timeless look when given a dark finish. Titanium is another excellent option: it has all of the performance properties of cobalt; and, it’s even stronger, making it a perfect pick for expressing a faith with fortitude.

Black Titanium Cathederal Cross RingFor instance, the Black Titanium Cathedral Cross Ring instantly conveys strength as a repeating motif of small and large cathedral crosses stands out in light, shining fashion against a backdrop of black titanium. This intricate design could have been drawn from the time of knights in shining armor, but the sleek surface upon which it rests makes this a decidedly contemporary style.

Black cross rings like these aren’t merely stylish! There’s also bold emblems of a faith that’s strong and that’s always relevant.

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