April Birthstone Spotlight: Diamond 

04-13-2014 Halo Diamond Engagement RingFrom figures of speech like “diamond in the rough” to poems that liken the stars to this glittering stone, it’s likely that no gem is talked about more than the diamond—and for good reason. The diamond has long been renowned for its matchless brilliance and is the undisputed champion when it comes to durability.

The most dazzling of gems is a particularly fitting birthstone for the month of April. For many, the first full month of spring is a time when the days finally start getting longer—a time when light is celebrated. The unparalleled ability of the diamond to reflect this light makes it an especially lovely pick for April. Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

While diamond rings are often associated with marriage proposals, there’s far more to diamond rings than engagement rings! Just as the versatile colorless glitter of a diamond makes this gem an enduringly popular pick when popping the question, this same dazzle makes it a stone that can complement any outfit. And, while many of the diamond rings in Apples of Gold’s collection could easily serve as engagement rings, they’d be equally at home on your right hand.

Vintage diamond rings are among the most popular styles in Apples of Gold’s collection, and it’s not hard to see why. These stunning rings showcase designs from times gone by that capture a sense of romance, and that have proven their lasting appeal decade after decade. When paired with the always welcome dazzle of the diamond, motifs inspired by the Victorian Era and the Art Deco Period become truly stunning.

Set of 3 Tri-Color Gold Stackable 0.70 Carat Diamond Bands Pieces like the Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold gorgeously showcase the enduring beauty of vintage diamond styles. This striking ring upholds a half carat round diamond in an intricate open paisley design that’s shining and sophisticated. This three-dimensional ring is airy yet substantial as its graceful gleaming curves set it apart. 14K Gold 1/2 Carat Five Diamonds Angles Men's Ring

Diamond halo rings are excellent ways to make the most of the diamond’s brilliance. First in vogue in the 1920s, halo styles maximize the dazzle of a center stone by surrounding it with a frame (or “halo”) of smaller diamonds, making the center gem seem even more brilliant.

For example, the 1 Carat Halo Diamond Engagement Ring multiplies the sparkle of a half carat round center diamond by surrounding it with a thin frame of smaller stones and placing it on a slender, diamond-studded band. If you prefer even more sparkle, this eye-catching style is also available with a 0.75 carat or 1.00 carat center stone; and, in addition to white gold, you can opt for a setting of yellow gold, 18K gold or platinum.

If you’re seeking a diamond style that’s trendy but will never go out of fashion, try the Set of 3 Tri-Color Gold Stackable 0.70 Carat Diamond Bands. Each of the three narrow bands in this trio of rings is set with a row of 16 diamonds, for a total of 48 stones—and 0.70 carats—in all. These 1.6mm-wide bands (one of white gold, one of yellow gold and one of rose gold) can be worn together or separately, giving you numerous looks in one. 0.50 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold

Although “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” the April birthstone isn’t only for women! Apples of Gold’s collection of men’s diamond rings contains dozen of styles for guys with class. For example, the 14K Gold 1/2 Carat Five Diamonds Angles Men’s Ring is accented with five channel-set diamonds, 0.10 carats each. The sleek chiseled angles of this ring provide an interesting and masculine silhouette as it shines in classic yellow gold. Diamond Journey Earrings in 14K White Gold

In “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” William Shakespeare wrote, “I see how thine eye would emulate the diamond,” an analogy that speaks to the diamond’s lively glitter. Why not let this sparkle help light up the windows to your soul with a pair of Diamond earrings? The colorless brilliance of diamonds is flattering to any skin tone and eye color, and it’s sure to light your face enhance your natural glow.

Thanks their versatility, a pair of diamond stud earrings is a universally lovely gift for any lady on your list, and the 0.50 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold are an excellent option. Or, if you’re looking for a pair for your sweetheart, try the Diamond Journey Earrings in 14K White Gold, which provide a unique take on the journey pendant. Each earring in this pair is adorned with four diamonds that become gradually larger toward the bottom, creating a picture of the way that love grows with the passage of time. Double Heart Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold

Diamond pendants are also lovey gifts options, and there’s a style that’s fitting for just about any occasion. If you’re looking to express your love, try the Double Heart Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold, a piece that’s a celebration of two hearts that beat as one. A diamond studded heart instantly draws the eye, while a smaller, solid yellow gold heart curves to link into its larger counterpart. This elegant pendant creates a picture of the way that your heart and the heart of the one you love are intertwined, never to be pulled apart.

In a month when rain is often more common than sunshine, the glitter of the diamond is especially welcome. The ability of this gem to reflect light allows it to dazzle even on the dreariest of days, and there’s no time that this brilliance is more appreciated than in April.

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