Resolve to Pay Less for Quality Jewelry! 

Affordable Wedding Bands and Engagement RingsHappy New Year from Apples of Gold! Resolutions are a dime a dozen this time of year, and chances are, more of them will be broken than kept. So, how about a resolution that you’ll have little trouble keeping? This year, resolve to pay less for high-quality jewelry! When you buy from Apples of Gold, it’s a breeze to save, whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring or hunting for that perfect pair of gemstone earrings.

Most jewelers use what’s known as a keystone pricing model when determining the prices of their pieces; this process results in markups ranging from 100 percent to as much as 300 percent. Apples of Gold set out to be different from the beginning, with a commitment to providing high-send jewelry for significantly less than retail. Our prices average 40 percent below retail, making it easy to save on high-end jewelry.

Apples of Gold’s commitment to value pricing is especially significant when you’re shopping for a once-in-a-lifetime piece like the 1.64 Carat Halo Engagement Ring, a stunning ring with a dazzling one-carat center diamond. This head-turning center gem is surrounded by a frame of smaller diamonds and rises above a slender diamond-studded band.

1.64 Carat Halo Engagement Ring (1 Carat Center)How do we do it? We work with many of the same wholesalers and manufacturers that many traditional jewelers do, but we bypass many of the middlemen—and many of the markups. This leads to lower prices and allows our customers to focus on finding quality pieces that suit their taste, rather than letting their budgets determine their selection. While this is always a plus, it’s an especially nice perk when you’re looking for a piece you’ll wear for a lifetime, and our collection of hundreds of wedding bands gives you a bevy of value-priced options to choose from.

Why not resolve to save on quality jewelry in 2014? Apple of Gold makes this a resolution that’s a pleasure to keep.

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