Gemstones to Match Pantone’s Spring 2014 Fashion Color Palate! 

Cushion-Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldGemstone hues are in! Pantone’s color palate for the coming season contains a number of hues that are strikingly reminiscent of gemstones.  In fact, over half of the 10 colors on Pantone’s Spring 2014 Fashion Color Palate have a gemstone that matches! Check out these gemstone pairings for six of the top hues for spring, along with stunning gemstone jewelry that features these stones.

Placid Blue: Aquamarine

Pantone likens Placid Blue to “a picture-perfect, tranquil and reassuring sky,” and this soothing yet fresh light blue hue really does call to mind the color of the heavens on a crisp winter day. Aquamarine jewelry provides a lovely way to wear this hue and add a little sparkle. For instance, the Cushion-Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold pairs a 6mm cushion-cut aquamarine with over a quarter carat of diamonds; these colorless gems frame the center stone and stud the slender band.

Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond RingViolet Tulip: Tanzanite

Violet tulip is described by Pantone as a “romantic, vintage purple,” so you might be surprised that a stone that wasn’t even known 50 years ago perfectly mirrors its hue. Tanzanite jewelry displays an alluring violet-blue that’s unmatched by any other gemstone, showcasing Violet Tulip with a dose of intrigue.

Freesia: Citrine

Freesia is described by Pantone as “a blazing yellow that is sure to illuminate wardrobes,” a phrase that just as easily describes citrine. This sunny shade is sure to wake up your look in styles like the Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring. This contemporary style features a 6mm trillion-cut (a triangle with slightly rounded sides) citrine in a simple, asymmetrical style. Four small round diamonds accent this warmly glittering gem and reflect its vivid color.

Vintage Rose Amethyst Ring in 14K White GoldSand: Smokey Quartz

Pantone calls Sand “a lightly toasted and amiable neutral,” and smokey quartz jewelry is a sophisticated way to wear this go-anywhere hue. Smokey quartz has a chic soft brown hue that’s understated and able to complement both warm and cool hues.

Radiant Orchid

Amethyst jewelry gorgeously captures the shade of Radiant Orchid, a color that, as the name suggests, is vibrant and full of life. This vivid purple hue is displayed in time-honored fashion in the Vintage Rose Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold, a style that surrounds a 10mm-wide oval-shaped amethyst with a Victorian floral setting.

Emerald Cut Green Amethyst Solitaire Ring in 14K White GoldHemlock: Green Amethyst

Green amethyst jewelry provides an excellent match for the sole green on Pantone’s palate: Hemlock. Described as “a summery, ornamental green” by Pantone, this color is reminiscent of the unexpected variation of a stone that’s traditionally known as a purple gem. The Emerald Cut Green Amethyst Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold showcases green amethyst in chic, uncomplicated fashion. An emerald-cut green amethyst, 8mm high and 6mm wide, is that star of this simply sophisticated style, rising above a polished band of 14K white gold.

Whether you prefer pastels or bold hues, there’s an on-trend color in Pantone’s spring palate—and a gemstone to match! And, while color trends come and go, the beauty of these gemstones will remain.

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