Show Mom That You Love Her with a Personalized Gold Locket 

It is said that mothers are a way of the Lord, to show how much He loves mankind. If that is true then there could be no greater gift. Mothers love and cherish us in a way that is not possible by any other being. They bear our burden for a total of 9 months, then they bear the pain of delivery and then they are charged with the task of feeding us. If these tasks aren’t enough she takes it upon herself to look after us and protect us from the evils of this world.

Don’t you think it’s high time you showed her how much you appreciate her support? She may not demand it, but she sure does deserve it. The best way to do that is by giving her a present and what better gift is there for a lady than the gift of jewelry? Listed below are some of the gems of our collection dedicated solely to mothers.

White Gold Mom Heart Locket

White Gold Mom Heart Locket

This white gold mom heart locket is a perfect way to express your gratitude towards your mother, at any time of the year. Adorned with colorful flowers and ‘Mom’ engraved right at its center in script font, this trinket will make a great impression.

Everything about this locket has been done to make it look perfect just like the love of your mother. The script format is used to replicate the sentiment which you intend to convey to your mother and show her how much she means to you.


Yellow Gold and Diamond Mom Pendant

Yellow Gold and Diamond Mom Pendant

It is very imortant that you pamper your mother just the way she used to pamper you. Offer this yellow gold and diamond mom pendant to make her feel cherished. A gold pendant which features the word ‘Mom’ balanced on top of diamonds and engraved on a gold line. The sopjhistication of this locket along with its magnficient finish, does justice in expressing your love for your mother due to the level of thought that has gone in the making of this perfect piece.




Mom Heart Locket

This is a perfect of saying, ‘thank you mom for everything and I love you’ in 14k gold. The design of this Mom heart locket is the same as the first jewelry item with the difference that this piece of jewelry is in yellow gold except white gold, for those of you who want to express your love in the true color of gold.





Personalized Mother’s Necklace with 2 Birthstone Pendants

Personalized Mother's Necklace with 2 Birthstone Pendants

This piece of jewelry is designed bearing the nature of mother in mind. As there is no greater gift for a mother then her children, the personalized mother’s necklace with 2 birthstone pendants, serves this need by having the names of a mother’s children engraved on the pendant along with their birth stone.

These are only a few pieces of jewelry among the vast collection that we have at Apples of Gold maintain.

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