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Make Your Big Day Intense By Gifting Your Better Half a Black Diamond Ring

black diamond engagement ringsEvery woman dreams of her wedding day from childhood. Over time as she grows into a woman her ideas of the perfect wedding undergo changes. Her childhood has her thinking of herself as a princess who intends to marry her prince Charming or a princess who is rescued by a knight in shining armor who eventually she ends up marrying. All these fantasies evolve with age and as a teen she dreams of marrying a rock star. (Featured Above: Black Diamond Engagement Rings).

Some teenagers dream about marrying their favorite actor in a lavish weeding ceremony while others want to marry the cutest guy in the class. Then they grow older and move on to colleges and universities and those princes and rock stars turn into doctors and lawyers or scientist and Nobel Prize winners, while some dream about marrying a normal man who loves them intensely. All these dreams have one thing in common, the wedding ceremony.

By this time these girls have decide on more practical venues for their wedding and have thought of practical ceremonies but the meticulous attention to detail does not end. These girls by now have decided their wedding theme, the kind of china they intend to use, a rough estimate of the number of people that might be invited, the band at the wedding, the dresses of the bridesmaids, a general idea of their own wedding dress, the wedding photography and the kind of suit that the groom is going to wear. This wedding day is the biggest day of their lives and when it comes, these girls want everything to be perfect.

Women have planned for almost everything for their wedding and have huge expectations about how the groom will take care of his responsibilities. One of the foremost considerations is the ring. This is the groom’s way of telling the bride of how much he loves her and that is why there should be no compromise on the this little detail because let’s face it, it’s the least the groom can do for her on her big day.


Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

One of the best ways to express your appreciation for her is to present her with a black diamond ring because there is nothing more unique then a black diamond. The black diamond solitaire ring is as special as it gets and is guaranteed to swoop your bride off her feet. This black diamond ring on its white gold frame is one of the strongest and the sincerest ways to say ‘I love you’ to your better half.

Antiqued Black Diamond Ring

Antiqued Black Diamond Ring

This antiqued black diamond ring is more than just a way to propose or more than taking your beloved to be your wife, it in fact is a promise. A promise that says that ‘the bond we are about to make has roots much deeper than any.’ This is one of the most perfect presents for your better half.

We at the Apple of Gold, have a large collection of black diamond rings to satisfy your love for your better half.



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