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Diamonds Are a Man’s Best Friend Too

Diamonds are supposed to compliment a woman. It is perfect for a ring that shows how precious the bride is for the groom and emphasizes how important she is, however, the latter rarely gets such attention.

Well, it seems that the best friend of women can now be the best friend of men as well. All the loving and considerate wives, now, can show their love and affection towards their loving husbands or boyfriends with diamond studded jewelry.

So, all women who are madly in love with their man have a chance to express their love in the best possible way. The following are some pieces of jewelry that will make them fall head over heels in love with the woman of their dreams again:

Weddings are increasingly promoted as the bride’s day, which is in fact, true in every sense and meaning. The fact to consider, however, is that it is a very important day for the groom as well and as much as he is trying to make it the best day for the bride, he deserves some consideration for that.

Men’s 3/4 Carat Diamond Wedding Band

The best way for the bride to show her appreciation for her groom, is by giving him something memorable like the Men’s 3/4 Carat Diamond Wedding Band. This is a white gold ring with ten pieces of diamonds attached to it which signifies the ever increasing love that the wife has for her husband and it also serves as a promise of an eternal bond.


Usher Polanti Watch with 1 Carat of Diamonds

Usher Polanti Watch with 1 Carat of Diamonds, Stainless Steel

If you are thinking of the perfect present for your husband on your anniversary then Usher Polanti Watch with 1 Carat of Diamonds is the clear choice to express your love for him. This watch is unique in every feature and design just like the love you share with your husband. Its bracelet is made from stainless steel which allows it to stand the test of time and so is its case. The dial is of crystals with anti reflective coating and it is encrusted with diamonds.







1 Carat Black Diamond Ring

Black diamonds are known for their uniqueness. The very thing that they are black in color makes them even more desirable. This 1 carat black diamond ring signifies that very uniqueness and the fact that it is for men makes it a unique piece.

This ring is made using white gold and the sharp contrast of the black diamond against the white makes the ring stand out even more. It is the perfect gift to give to the man you love and is an ideal present for anniversaries or birthdays.


If you are looking for the perfect piece for your man just visit us at Apples of Gold. We hold a large collection of diamond items for men, for every occasion that can allow you to swoop him off his feet for a change

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