Looking For A Perfect Anniversary Gift For Your Wife? Try Diamond Pendants 

Your wife is the woman that you choose as your partner to embark on the journey of life. The most important aspect of this relationship is that the woman, also whole heartedly accepts you to be her companion in life.

After marriage you begin to realize what it means to have her by your side. She supports you throughout your time together and tries her best to live up to your expectations. She would do much to keep to at ease and will acquire many roles just to fulfill your needs. She will act as your friend when you are upset and as your advisor when you need counsel, she will be a source of comfort to you when you are upset and will stand by you even during the times of sorrow. She will do everything in her power to keep you happy and healthy.

It is common knowledge that your wife expects you to remember your anniversary and she expects a gift as considerate as the one she has prepared for you. It is only fair that you fulfill her expectations in the best possible way and get her the best possible present.

It is well known that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. These are the best gift that you can give to your wife, as a small token of appreciation for all the things that she has done for you.

Small Diamond Solitaire Heart Pendant

Small Diamond Solitaire Heart Pendant

Who says that you have to buy something big to impress your wife? Sometimes the simplest of things express the deepest of feelings and in turn have the most impact. This simple small diamond solitaire heart pendant is one of those things and it is bound to convey your love to your wife on special occasion of your anniversary. It is made of white gold and contains a small diamond right in the middle of a heart shaped pendant which shines out just as bright as your undying love for your wife.


1/4 Carat Blue Diamond Journey Pendant

1/4 Carat Blue Diamond Journey Pendant

This unique blue diamond journey pendant is one way of expressing how special your wife is to you and presenting it as an anniversary gift is bound to make her day. This blue diamond pendant’s extending frame is used to symbolize the ever growing love for each other. It contains seven pieces of blue diamond which are an expression in themselves of the long and prosperous journey that you intend to share with your wife.


0.22 Pave Diamond Heart Pendants

Pave Diamond Heart Pendants

The 0.22 pave diamond heart pendant consists of 11 pieces of diamond encrusted on the yellow gold heart shaped pendant. It is another beautiful gift that you can present to your wife on your anniversary as a token of the love you share.




These are few of the collection of diamond pendants that we have at Apples of Gold. Our collection is bound to serve your every need for all occasions.


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