Interesting Things to Know About Black Diamonds 

EGR3900BLKWSETCDiamonds are traditionally thought of in clear white hues or off white colors such as yellow or blue. Diamonds are a sign of love, purity, and endurance and there are several varieties that you can choose from, one of the most uncommon being black diamonds. In contrast to the common lighter hues, diamonds of darker and less common colors are typically more valuable because of their rarity. While pale colors can add value to a diamond, the more intense coloration are much more desirable and will often bring in the highest prices and garner the higher prestige.  Black diamond rings for men and women are very popular and continuing to gain popularity among those looking for new and exotic jewelry pieces.

Coloration Factors
Diamond’s colors are due to a variety of impurities and structural imperfections. Diamonds with these unique and uncommon coloration are often referred to as “fancy diamonds”. Black colors fit into this category and all colored diamonds have a separate grade system for quality, but they are not very common and not used too often because of the rarity of these diamonds and the rarity of the black diamond gemstone jewelry.

mens-20-stone-black-diamond-ring-14k-white-gold-CF717551WCHow Real Are They?
Black diamonds are a real natural occurring gemstone, but they don’t do what most diamonds do- they do not sparkle or gleam as some would expect due to their name. They are real diamonds, but they have a different crystalline structure that makes it much harder to cut them and the light will not reflect off a black diamond the same way it does off a white diamond.  The cut of a typical diamond is designed to let light in at just the right places so the gleam and shine is the best that it can be. Diamonds with a black color have a “polycrystalline” structure, basically a bunch of smaller diamond crystals all smashed together. Since the components are all at different angles it is impossible to carve it down in a way to make it shine like a white diamond.

You can enjoy the unique beauty and splendor of black diamond jewelry today. Wow friends and get a diamond that is as unique and individual as yourself!

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