Yellow Gold Wedding Bands: All You Need To Know 

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

gold hammered wedding band ringOne of the most classic pieces of jewelry, the gold wedding band has served as a time-honored symbol for love and dedication.

Karat Compare

Yellow Gold is the standard that all other precious metals are held to. Everything seems to always be compared to standard yellow gold in order to see how valuable it really is- so many ounces of silver is the same as this much gold and so many ounces of titanium is worth as much as this much gold. Yellow gold wedding rings and engagement rings are often made of higher quality gold- meaning that there is more gold and less filler metals and materials in it. 24 karat gold is considered the purest out there and all lesser karats have other fillers added to it. This reduces the cost of the jewelry pieces but it also means they are less valuable.  A wedding band made of 24 karat gold is worth a lot more than a wedding band made of 18 karat gold.

Popularity of Yellow Gold

christian i am my beloved wedding band ringGold yellow is the most commonly thought of color when someone first mentions gold because it is one of the most prevalent and also was one of the first precious metals to be used in jewelry.  It is a naturally occurring metal that has been at the foundation of this country since its very beginning. Gold has made and destroyed empires and today it continue that legacy in the hearts of lovers everywhere. Yellow gold is well suited for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry. This precious metal also goes well with many other jewelry pieces and is a very complimentary color that many people find a nice addition to their look and style. Many brides and grooms find it is a beautiful metal for their wedding bands, something they hope to be wearing for the rest of their lives.

Allergies to Yellow Gold

vintage paisley wedding band ringYellow gold for the most part is allergenic free when in its pure form. A relatively small percentage of people have an allergy to gold, which is why 24 karat gold is often recommended for use in piercings because of the low chance of an allergic reaction. It is the lower karat gold mixes that can cause problems because someone may have an allergy or be sensitive to something that is used as a filler in the lower karat yellow gold. Copper, silver, and zinc are common additives but there are many others that could be in your gold, so be sure to check the mix before you buy those wedding bands or engagement rings and get the higher karat gold whenever possible.

Cleaning and Caring for Yellow Gold

yellow gold heart wedding bandCleaning and protecting your wedding bands and other yellow gold jewelry us simple and easy, especially when you keep these points in mind:

  • You can use a mix of 50/50 water and ammonia to soak and clean your gold without the harsh scrubbing and risk of damage that comes from other cleaning methods- this works best for routine cleaning.
  • You should contact a jeweler for advice if you have multiple metals in your wedding band or engagement ring or if there are precious stones in it- they can advise you on how to clean it without damaging some components of the ring.
  • Yellow gold jewelry can be soaked in the ammonia mixture for up to 10 minutes in order to loose dirt and grime and to help make it easier to clean really dirty pieces.
  • When you are not wearing your yellow gold rings and jewelry, store them in a jewelry box or jewelry bag to protect them; lower karat gold can tarnish easier when exposed to moisture and the elements because of the fillers in the alloy so keep your rings as dry and protected as possible.
  • Gold is hard but it can be damaged so take care when working with machinery, tools, or outside and take your rings or jewelry pieces off whenever possible and keep them in a safe place.

gold paisley wedding bandBecause of its value and scarcity nowadays due to long term mining and a decrease in gold mining options, gold jewelry can be expensive but it is also a very valuable and very precious metal. For your engagement rings, wedding band, and jewelry needs, trust the classic look of yellow gold and know that you investment will only go up in value over the years.

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