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Silver Heart Lockets: A Gift That Speaks To The Soul

The holidays are right around the corner. Now is the right time to start thinking about what you want to give to loved ones, and Apples of Gold has some really special items that will speak to her soul.

sterling-silver-paisley-heart-locket-qls31cTake, for example, our exquisite Sterling Silver Paisley Heart Locket that looks like a million dollars and is elegant in its presentation. Made of .925 sterling silver—the highest grade silver available for jewelry—it is beautifully etched with a graceful design of swirling lines that look for all the world like a wild paisley vine. A solid silver heart in the center is polished to a high sheen, and a dainty line defines the edge for a finished look. Open the locket and find places for two portraits, making this pendant even more special and turning it into a one-of-a-kind gift that she’s sure to treasure. Worn close to her heart, she’ll want to wear it day in and day out. An old-fashioned gift with a modern flair, you get the best of both worlds. For a similar yet altogether different look, see our Paisley Scrollwork Heart Locket Pendant Necklace.

plain-polished-heart-locket-necklace-qls396-cOne of our most beloved heart shaped lockets is our Polished and Plain Heart Locket Necklace, Sterling Silver. Walt Whitman said, “The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.” We think he’s right, and present to you our favorite, simple, modern yet classic version of the heart shaped locket. A generous size at 1” x ¾”, there is room for two pictures or use the locket to hold a lock of hair or a treasured tiny note. Lockets are treasure boxes that you wear around your neck to hold tiny bits of memories that you cherish and want to have with you always. This delightful example would look lovely on a ribbon strung through the bale for an antique look or with a silver chain for a modern take. Either way, it’s a gift that she’s sure to love and adore for many years. Then, perhaps, she can pass it on down to a beloved daughter or niece as a cherished heirloom. For a rounder, slightly smaller version, please see our Plain Polished Heart Locket Necklace in sterling silver, too.

vintage-heart-locket-with-diamond-cAt the opposite end of the design spectrum we bring to you our lovely Vintage-Style Heart Locket Pendant with Diamonds in Sterling Silver. With a nod to the past, this locket features an open-work design that has a textured blue background that makes the sterling silver pattern stand out in rare form. Two little diamonds grace the center heart shape to add glitter and shine. One unique feature of this lovely locket it the heart-shaped bale that moves freely at the top of the locket.

Inside is ample room for two pictures, perhaps one of you and one of her, or maybe children’s portraits to give to a devoted mother. This will definitely become a favorite piece of jewelry and will look stunning with a blue ribbon or a silver chain.

And of course, as always, Apples of Gold offers free shipping in the United States and a 45-day, money back guarantee that the jewelry will delight. For more gift inspiration, take a look at all our heart lockets.

heart-locket-ring-silver-cSome people are more drawn to rings than necklaces, and for them we have a unique offering in our Heart Locket Ring, Sterling Silver. With all the advantages of a locket, this elegant ring features a heart shape that is decorated with tiny ornaments that give the ring a somewhat antique look. Added to the beautiful scroll attachments that hold the locket securely in place on the band, it is a wonderful old-world feeling that will capture her heart. The pretty ring opens to reveal space for two portraits so that she can have a visual reminder of her loved ones every time she opens the locket, which she’ll surely do quite regularly.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that she might fancy both a ring and a necklace, so be sure to look at our silver lockets necklaces while you’re at it.

silver-heart-cross-locket-necklace-cFor the lady who likes to wear a cross but desires a locket, too, we have our lovely Heart and Cross Locket Necklace, Sterling Silver.  Engraved with a cross and flowers, this locket shows the lady’s faith in a different way. A shining cross is flanked by two gently curving renditions of flowers and leaves, while a swirling scroll passes behind the cross. A subtle lined background ties the design up nicely and gives the locket a finished look that is elegant as well. The back is polished with a satin finish. “Let all your things be done with charity,” reads 1 Corinthians 16:14, which seems the perfect verse to describe this locket. The lady who wears it is one who is certainly charitable as well as fashion-conscious.

We know she’ll love this emblem of love, or you can return it with no questions asked (but we doubt that will happen!). For more gift inspiration, see our silver religious jewelry.


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