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Solitaires: Standalone Standouts

Emerald Cut Aquamarine Solitaire Ring, 14K White Gold

emerald-cut-aquamarine-solitaire-ring-AOGR-5-AQC“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” ~ Natalie Babbitt

Simplicity is magnificent when it comes to this cool, peaceful, emerald-cut, aquamarine, solitaire ring. The icy-coolness of the soft color evokes images of frozen streams in wintery mountains. In the light, the varying tones of blue shift and shimmer.

The large, emerald-cut, aquamarine stone is a full 6mm x 8mm, and is set in complementary 14k white gold. At each corner, the four points of the setting are visible, holding the stone gently but securely on the elegant solid gold band. The band itself is fashioned with a slight curve just before it meets the gemstone, and is softly finished in satin—the perfect accompaniment to the soft color of the stone. Stunning and uncomplicated, a ring among rings. See our collection of gemstone rings.

Garnet Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver

AOGRG-GT1C“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Clare Boothe Luce

Sometimes sophistication is best revealed in simplicity, as proven by this luxurious, simple, garnet gemstone, solitaire ring. Beauty expressed in simplicity is the mark of high class and good breeding, and this ring declares it aloud.

A single garnet gemstone lends its scarlet beauty and excellent form to the quiet grace of this elegant piece. Round-cut to show off each facet, the garnet is the deepest red.

The band has a beautiful, satiny finish which highlights the stone to great advantage. The garnet comes in 6mm, 7mm or 8mm sizes and rests safely in a four-prong setting.

Also available in white gold.

Green Amethyst and Diamond Accent Solitaire Engagement Ring

green-amethyst-and-diamond-engagement-ring-ENR7961GAC“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”  ~ Ernst F. Schumacher

The traditional solitaire gets a fresh bump with this modern take and elegant setting.

The mint color of the green amethyst is cool and refreshing. Set in a 14k white gold, four-petal setting, it sports milgrain and tiny diamonds to accent the feminine grace of this ring.

The white gold ring is satin-finished to take a back seat to the elegant, 6mm gemstone, yet complement it as well.

Also available in 14K Rose Gold or 14K Yellow Gold by request. Available with a purple amethyst, aquamarine, moissanite, or pink topaz gemstone, too.


London Blue Topaz Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver

AOGRG-LBT1C“The greatest ideas are the simplest.”~ William Golding

A truly great idea is one in which the simplest things make the greatest impact, as in this bold, elegant London blue gemstone solitaire ring. What an exquisite idea it was to combine this round-cut, cobalt blue stone with this bright, sterling silver ring is a soft, satiny finish!

A traditional, four-prong setting holds the dignified, stately gemstone in place, crafted of .925 sterling silver. Elegance in its finest form!

Your choice of 6mm (0.85 carats), 7mm (1.25 carats), or 8mm sizes (2.05 carats).

Also available in white gold.

0.25 Carat Heart-Shaped Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold

heart-shaped-solitaire-ring-AOGEGR-101C“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” ~ John Maeda

Meaningful in myriad ways, this exquisite heart-shaped, diamond, solitaire ring holds the spirit of love in its unusual shape and dramatic presentation. Tradition says the ultimate expression of love in jewelry is the diamond ring, and this one says it more succinctly than any other.

The heart-shaped diamond is nestled in the center of a solid white gold band that holds it gently like a lover’s embrace. The band itself is finished in satin so as not to draw away from the sparkling diamond heart (as if it could!), yet still hold a luxury all its own. The quarter carat diamond measures 4mm and the band is 2.5mm wide. For more inspiration, see our collection of beautiful diamond rings.

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