Garnet Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver

Garnet Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver

Retail Value: 450.00

Ring Size:
Gemstone Size:

made in the USA

Luxury sometimes defined by simple, beautiful style. With the Apples of Gold high quality guarantee, this solitaire gemstone ring is a shining example of simple luxury. A single garnet gemstone graces the ring with its scarlet beauty and excellent form. The gem is round cut to give each facet an opportunity to shine. This solitaire garnet measures 6mm, 7mm or 8mm and rests in a four-prong setting that keeps the stone safely in place. The silver ring is polished to complete this ring's lovely look.

Your choice of 6mm (0.85 carats), 7mm (1.25 carats), or 8mm sizes (2.00 carats).

Also available in white gold, shown below.

 Gemstone Characteristics
 Gemstone Type  Garnet
 Gemstone Size  6mm - 8mm
 Gemstone Carat  0.85 Carats - 2.00 Carats
 Gemstone Shape  Round
 Gemstone Rating  AAA
We guarantee our Garnet Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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