The Bald Eagle: An American Symbol 

As Americans celebrate national, patriotic holidays such as the Fourth of July and recall the liberties and privileges for which our country’s ancestors so bravely fought, we are reminded of our nation’s iconic symbols, such as the American bald eagle. Americans from every State commemorate this natural species on June 20, which is recognized as American Eagle Day. Americans may now rejoice in this wonderful bird and the work done to save it after it was previously in danger of going extinct.

According to the U.S. National Archives, utilizing the bald eagle as a symbol of America was first put forth in 1782 when officers gave a bird drawing to the newly established Congress. It was adopted immediately, and soon the Founding Fathers adorned the eagle’s talons with an olive branch and arrows (signifying peace and battle, respectively).

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The Eagle as the Symbol of a New Nation

For over 235 years, the bald eagle has served as a representation of the United States. It was included on the Official Seal of the United States of America on June 20, 1782, following extensive debate among government officials.

The bald eagle on the Great Seal is adorned with a blue field with 13 white stars and a banner with 13 red and white stripes. It has a bundle of 13 arrows in one talon and an olive branch, representing peace in the other. In its beak, it bears a banner with the words “E Pluribus Unum,” the American motto. Its meaning is “One out of many.” According to this philosophy, people from different colonies joined to form one country.

The bald eagle was formally adopted as an icon or symbol of the U. S. in 1789, approximately seven years after the government had added it to the Great Seal.

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Why A Bald Eagle?

Despite the name, the bald eagle has a complete head of feathers and is not bald. Piebald, which refers to a region with black and white patches, is the word from which it derives. The bald eagles are only natively found in North America, unlike many other eagle species, and both males and females can attain wings of 7 to 8 feet from wing tip to wing tip.

The bald eagle was selected as the national bird of the United States for several reasons. It symbolizes freedom and strength of America. This symbol has previously been used in the Roman times to symbolize governmental power. A bald eagle has free flight and is a wonderful representation of the US as a young and free nation.

The eagle is a robust bird with a lengthy lifespan. A new nation would cherish it! An early battle of the American Revolution awakened bald eagles in the mountains, according to one legend. The birds began to scream as they descended from their nests. American soldiers believed the bald eagles were “shrieking for freedom.”

Interesting Facts About The Bald Eagle

The bald eagle has graced the cover in at least twelve distinct editions of comic books, including Captain America, Superman, and Super Girl.

The eagle has appeared on the backs of numerous iterations of American coinage and paper money, including the dollar note at the moment.

The bald eagle call you hear in movies and television is the sound of a red-tailed hawk. However, filmmakers needed something more formidable for such a powerful-looking bird because bald eagles have a soft-sounding call.

The biggest eagle nest ever discovered measured 20 feet deep, 9 feet wide, and weighed 4,000 pounds.

Alabama, Illinois, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, and other states have the bald eagle on their flag or seal.

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