Gold Chains for Your Man Cave 

A man cave is a haven away from the prying eyes of the ladies at home, or so you imagine.

You can design this personal space exactly the way you want—think neon signs, framed jerseys, and model cars. Yes, nobody else has a say in the matter, except your wife, of course! But hey, imagine a life with no chick-flicks, no Mariah Carey, and no display of emotions. And the best part? You can keep your muddy boots on. 

And what better way to feel like a king than display an array of customized solid gold chains in your man cave?

Why Does Every Man Need A Man Cave?

Every man needs a space to house empty beer tins, metal signs, vintage buckets, trays, tins, and hats. Women, obviously, are too uncool to make sense of amazing collections like the “BAR IS OPEN” sign, aesthetic bear and deer head decor protruding out of the walls, and prestigious life-size portraits of sports demigods. 

And let’s not forget a shrine devoted to your favorite celebrity—male only unless you’re okay with moving your bag and baggage to your man cave for good. 

You may try to reserve a little space within your wife’s house—a spare bedroom,  a garage, the basement, any place she allows. Oh, did you say the doghouse? That could work too.

What bliss to be away from the ladies’ watchful eyes without fear of upsetting them with some modern stone-age antics! And let’s not forget the golden rule of every man cave, “What happens in the man cave stays in the man cave!”

Let’s dwell on some of the benefits men derive from a man cave.

A Place To Unwind

After a long day at work, who wants to face the wife? All you want to do is seek refuge at your bar cabinet, away from the barrage of inquiries, and enjoy some alone time. A man cave can help you hydrate plenty with beer and keeps you safe from your sober half.

A Prideful Display Of His Toys

It’s a space for men to display the things they love, the stuff that would have otherwise ended up in boxes in a storage room. Like your wife will ever understand the sentiment around that fancy vintage bike, or the fantastic display of horror masks and guns, she will never get it!  Throw in a few large-sized dogs to keep guard, and you’re sorted.

Now, let’s get to making you feel like royalty in your man cave!

Gold Chains

Now that you have established a man cave, why not go overboard and flaunt your male privileges with yellow or white gold chains.

Gold chains often have lobster-claw clasps, ensuring that they stay fastened even when you’re engaged in strenuous physical activity like taking poor shots at your boss’ face on that dart board, a sure sign of manhood.

Here are the best choices if you are looking for classic, timeless gold chains.

1. Curb Chains

Tightly interlocked flat or twisted links make curb chains what they are. They are a classic and one of the most widely-used designs. The chunkier versions make ideal statement necklaces. You can wear these plain or team them up with pendants. Curb bracelets and chains are considered one of the most masculine chains worn by men.

2. Figaro Chains

Another classic, the solid gold Figaro chain is eye-catching and durable. The design includes 2-3 round links followed by oval links. You can complement these chains with a medallion or gold cross pendant. Accessorize your outfit with a Figaro chain for that rugged, manly look.

3. Rope Chains

These handcrafted chains have small oval links that form the shape of a rope. They are durable and versatile, helping you achieve that classy look. The chains are available in regular or as diamond-cut rope chains, in tri-color and white gold material. You can style these chains in different ways and pair the thinner ones with a pendant.  

4. Box Chains

One of the most popular chain styles, box chains are made of a series of box-shaped links. You can wear the chain with or without pendants, although they are more often paired with a gold pendant. It is available as white gold box chains, rose gold, and many different box sizes.

5. Franco Chains

The curb pattern found on walls and pavements inspired the design of this chain. The design consists of 2 to 4 curb chains placed flat against each other and interwoven to form V-shaped links. This pattern also gives the chain high durability and greater girth. The chain reflects a high level of craftsmanship and goes well with pendants, especially the heavier ones that require a gold chain with substance.

6. Mariner Chains

The nautical chains connecting the ship and the anchor inspire this mariner or anchor chain. They have interlocked oval links with a bar at the center. Traditionally, the chains were flat; however, some styles have a puff and are called puffed mariner chains.

So, in the end, lighten up, laugh, love your wife and your children, and when appropriate hang with your friends in your man cave, wearing gold link chains from Apples of Gold Jewelry!

  • Disclaimer: do we really need a disclaimer explaining this is satire? In today’s world, yes, we probably do. Hope you’ve enjoyed this creative piece from our bloggers!

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