The Best Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts 

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and if you haven’t already gotten something for your mom, (or grandmother) then look no further! You cannot go wrong with buying a beautiful jewelry gift for her! Here at Apples of Gold, we have a vast range of jewelry designs, perfect for any occasion or celebration! Below, are listed some of the best jewelry gifts for mom (or that special someone such as your grandmother) on mothers day!

Mother’s Day Necklaces

Show how much you care for and love your mom by getting her this gorgeous heart print mother’s day pendant.  The pendant is in sterling silver, which is perfect for any style. With a unique print design on the heart shape pendant, it truly represents the fact that you hold your mother’s love for you closely and dearly. She has made such an impact in your heart. (This is also a perfect gift to give to your grandmother, if your mother isn’t present).

Birthstone Designs

This birthstone heart necklace from our mom jewelry collection is a fantastic gift for all siblings of the family to organize a group gift for their mother as they can choose each birthstone of theirs to be added inside the necklace (along with their mother’s birthstone too). Together, each member of the family is inside the heart of their mom. You can choose up to 8 different birthstones to be added inside the heart. This necklace can come in sterling silver, or white gold (shown top/left). There are many unique designs to choose from in our personalized mom jewelry collection.

If you think that a necklace might not be the best gift idea, a similar design to this is in a ring for your mom too. This ring here has a personalized heart shape design, with mom on it, as well as several birthstones. You can choose which birthstones you want to add onto the ring! This mom heart ring comes in white gold or yellow gold.

Lockets For Mom

Something a little different is this beautiful mom heart locket necklace in gold. With mom engraved on the left side of the heart shape design, and flowers flowing down along the right side, this pendant  is a great gift idea for your mom! Choose from either 14K of gold or white gold and say thank you mom this mother’s day!


Bracelet Beads

My mother has a pandora bracelet and beads that she often wears. Whenever she goes and visits her mother and brother, she will visit the local jewelry store and buy a new bead for her bracelet. For anyone else who has mothers, or grandmothers that collect beads for their bracelets, then these items are fantastic gift ideas for mother’s day!

This hand painted floral glass mom bead is the perfect gift to add to your mother’s bracelet.

For a more traditional silver bead charm, see also our featured heart shaped mom bead in sterling silver.

There are other mom bead designs to choose from that will suit any charm bracelet your mother has!

From Daughter To Mother

From daughter to mother; a more personal gift that a daughter can give to her mother, to show how much she loves her. This break apart mom and daughter gold heart pendant from Apples of Gold Jewelry shows the special bond and love that a mother and her daughter have with one another. The o in Mom shapes a love heart in the center of the pendant design.


From Son To Mother

From son to mother; a special bond that is shared like no other. To all men out there who are unsure of what to get their mom this mother’s day, then this #1 mom heart pendant may just be the answer you are looking for! Show your love for your mom, and let her know how special she is. This pendant design has mom, #1 and a rose, in tri-tone colors (two different designs featured) that highlights the fact that mom is number one in your heart! A special gift that will soften your mother’s heart!

Mom Necklaces

Classic mom necklaces are never out of style! With different designs to choose from, these mom necklaces are a brilliant gift to give to your mom, matching her style and personality too! Choose from either the classic design, a mom necklace in 14K white gold with diamonds, mom in the center of a heart shape, or mom in a necklace featuring a birthstone in the o of the word mom.

God’s Love

Don’t forget the most important aspect to mother’s day is the fact that God has blessed us with a mother (or grandmother) that gave us life, raised us, and looked after us. The love of a mother started with the love of God who created each and every one of us. As such, this Mom I Love You Gold Heart Pendant with Cross design showcases the love of God with the cross on one of the hearts, and mom in the other heart design. Thank you God for blessing us with our mothers, and grandmothers in our lives!

There are so many more great gift ideas to choose from at Apples of Gold Jewelry, but these designs truly stand out to anyone and everyone who wants to find that perfect gift for their mom this mother’s day. Apples of Gold caters to all unique likes and wants, as well as those who are indecisive or need inspiration for finding the right gift for their loved ones. With 30 percent below retail, and free shipping state wide, do not leave this mother’s day gift to the last minute!

God Bless.

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