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The Difference between Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

Song of Solomon Wedding Band Ring

Song of Solomon Wedding Band Ring

If you are planning to propose to your special one or are getting married to your significant other, or in extreme cases just plain skeptic about knowing the difference, you are probably in the right place. Our heartiest wishes to the first two and to those who fall in the latter category, may you get lucky soon.

These jewelry pieces are significant for any two people in a love bond, hoping to tie the knot forever and it’s vital to know the

3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut

3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut “Floret” Diamond Ring

difference between them. Alongside a set of rules and some obligations to move together in life, both wedding rings and engagement rings hold special meaning associated with the couple’s commitment and promises to each other. Precisely, these rings are a token of love and affection.

However, there are some commonalities, such as the rings are gifted by men to women. Usually, women prefer to wear two of them on the same finger. As per tradition, women choose their third finger, the one next to the pinky, of the left hand for wearing both rings, because there is literally a vein that runs from there straight to the heart.

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is presented as a gift when the guy

0.50 Carat Engraved 14K Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Set

0.50 Carat Engraved 14K Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Set

puts forward his proposal in front of the girl. Accepting the ring is synonymous to accepting the proposal and is thus considered a promise of marriage. Once the girl starts wearing the ring, she is showing her commitment and publicly choosing to announce she is “taken” or already engaged. It works as a personal contract between the couple and gives the assurance for a long-term relationship.

Engagement rings are more often than not pricier than the wedding rings. Expensive rings represents the man is financially stable and intends to provide a high quality lifestyle to the woman he is gifting the ring to. Typically a diamond ring is selected for this purpose as it is considered the most precious and

valuable gem besides it is also promoted as a symbol for eternal enduring love. It means the world to the eager bride to-be and a milestone for the man to have successfully won the love of his life in an engagement

Platinum Leaf Engraved Wedding Band

Platinum Leaf Engraved Wedding Band

union so they can stay hooked up until they get married.

Wedding Ring

Comparatively, the wedding ring is a plain band of gold or platinum, with no adornments or embellishments symbolizing the quality of life ahead as smooth and with no ends. Unlike the engagement ring, wedding rings comes in pairs. One ring is for a woman and the other is for the man. It is now a part of the wedding ceremony to place the ring on your partner’s

finger. Wedding rings are a little understated regardless of the fact they signify two people are married and more than just engaged.

It is essential to know these ideas are not necessarily a compulsion for two people to commit to each other. These are just signs to show your love according to the accepted standards of the society and if you don’t understand the whole idea behind gifting a ring or wearing it, then you can always go the other way.

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