Vintage and Antique Jewelry: Old Friends Made New 

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Vintage Floral Design Aquamarine Ring in 14k White Gold

vintage-floral-design-aquamarine-ring-R079AQCI love history… everything is inspired by history, so that’s why I love vintage and antiques. ~ Kelly Wearstler

And you, will, too… especially when you set your eyes on this gorgeous Vintage Floral Design Aquamarine Ring in 14k White Gold!

A 5.5mm aquamarine gemstone graces this ring and it needs no other stone to make this one a show-stopper. The round-cut genuine aquamarine is set in a six-sided, carved setting that is reminiscent of the Art Deco style, with a floral motif on the sides of the band.

You’ll love the antique look, and will be all set to start making history with it on your finger!

Edwardian Style Floral Design Oval Garnet Ring in 14K White Gold

edwardian-style-floral-design-oval-garnet-ring-OV044GTCI collect antiques. Why? Because they’re beautiful. ~ Broderick Crawford

Edward never had a ring like this one! And beautiful only begins to tell you about this splendid representation of antique style jewelry. As a standalone ring it is complete in itself, but you might better like it as an engagement ring.

The stunning red garnet, deeply the color of love, sparkles out of a setting of pure 14k white gold.

Floral symbols cascade down the sides of the band, and you will love the feel of the white gold against your skin. The 10×8 mm garnet is a perfect beginning to a jewelry collection or an enduring addition to it.


Heart Design Vintage Style Pink Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver


It doesn’t take money to have style, it just takes a really good eye.  ~ Tyler Florence

This amazing pink topaz ring will take your breath away, if you have a really good eye. And it’s obvious that you do, since this one caught your fancy. The 5mm, round-cut topaz is set in polished sterling silver, and has the look and feel of an old antique piece of jewelry.

The six-sided halo surrounds the setting and tops the band that features two carved hearts and a shape that draws your eyes back up to the gleaming pink topaz gemstone. Of course, you’ll have to be prepared for the looks of amazement and envy when you wear this stunning ring!


Floral Edwardian Style Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold

floral-edwardian-style-sapphire-ring-R058SPCI was always fascinated, even as a child, by antiques and ancient times. I always felt I should have been born in the 17th or 18th century. ~ Margaret O’Brien

Gaze into the deep, velvety depths of this sapphire gemstone and you’ll feel like you are standing at a pond in the moonlight, where the stars sparkle on the depths of the water.

This handcrafted beauty is designed in the Edwardian style and is guaranteed to captivate. Intricate carvings surround the 6mm round-cut sapphire gemstone, and the 14k white gold shines on the surface of the carvings and has dark depths that make the floral motif stand out. Lovely to look at, incredible to own!


Vintage Rose Amethyst Ring in .925 Sterling Silver


I like cluttered, old, dark-wood antiques. I like character. ~ Martha Plimpton


Not your grandmother’s rose garden, this Victorian style ring has character like no other. A splendid 10x8mm genuine amethyst gemstone captures the show and offsets the shining sterling silver of the band.

The complex band is handcrafted by Apples of Gold’s master craftsmen to bring out the magnificence of rose gardens of ages past.

If you like character, you’ll love this ring. It breathes a breath of fresh air into the antique style of the ring, making it a perfect standalone statement or a gorgeous engagement ring.

Also available in 14K White Gold, 18K Gold or Platinum by request.

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