Why Choose Handmade Jewelry? 

As you may be aware, not all jewelry in today’s technological age is machine or factory made. Artisans still pour their skill and imagination into producing unique, one-of-a-kind articles that are far superior to those mass produced for the general population. So if you’re not the run-of-the-mill kind of person, buying handmade jewelry will bring you much more satisfaction than buying a piece that hundreds of others are wearing, too.

Reason #1

Individual artists carefully infuse their jewelry with their unique personality, making each piece a singular work of art. Instead of using automated machinery to do things faster, they lovingly spend the time necessary to ensure a truly individual piece. While they may make several pieces from the same design, each will have slight differences which let you know that the piece you wear isn’t being worn by anyone else. Consider our beautiful, handcrafted, Antique-Style, Emerald Wedding Ring Set. Although it is available in yellow gold, 18k gold, and platinum and with the gemstone of your choosing, each is individually made, creating a truly discrete set of rings.

Reason #2

The amount of time and care that goes into creating each piece of jewelry is a good indicator of the quality of the piece you are considering. More care and attention goes into a single piece than all the pieces produced in a factory of mechanically reproduced articles. Although factories can and often do create good quality jewelry, none of it can compete with the quality of a handmade piece that has been conscientiously crafted with hand-selected materials and gems. The care and attention to detail that goes into each piece are well worth the extra time and expense involved. An excellent example is our Men’s 14k Gold Curb Link Bracelet. Each link is individually made, polished, and assembled to create a gorgeous, high-quality bracelet that he will be delighted to wear.

Reason #3

At Apples of Gold, we are honored to offer individually handcrafted jewelry that you’ll be proud to wear and want to pass down to future generations. Each piece becomes a generational treasure and heirloom, unique to your family alone. Like this Men’s 14k Gold Polished Cross Pendant, the solid gold we use is of the highest quality, and you can even engrave it to customize it further. We make this to order by hand; it’s our own unique design, fully solid, with a thickness to it to make it more substantial for men. Much time is spent hand-polishing the surface to make it level and even and smooth. We are always available to help you through the process so that the jewelry you purchase is exactly what you want. Each piece is shipped free in the United States, and international shipping is also available.

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