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Why Classic Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style—And What to Own

Classic: serving as a standard of excellence of recognized value. Classic jewelry not only speaks of its own value, it positively shouts that you are precious, too!

Classic jewelry says so much about your personality. You are probably a traditionalist, family-oriented with poise and a calm demeanor that people notice the moment you enter a room. Your jewelry is an accompaniment to your own person, not the star of the show. You like things simple and elegant and as distinctive a part of who you are as your name. Classic is timeless and of excellent quality—like you are.


“I usually tend to stay toward classic things.”—Italia Ricci

The most classic of all jewelry is the plain gold cross, because it speaks of classic faith. Faith that is timeless and eternal, calling up your very best and your love of all things good. Wearing a small, gold cross on a delicate chain is not only a piece of jewelry, it is a statement that excellence resides in the object of your faith. Always wear a cross; you can’t go wrong in fashion or in faith when you have your cross to remind you of the highest form of beauty—God’s everlasting love.


“I feel like my style’s always been influenced by ‘less is more.’ The coolest styles are kind of simple and classic, like a white T-shirt and jeans. Maybe you have a cool belt and cool shoes, but everything else you keep simple.”—Chris Evans

When a girl is old enough to wear stud earrings, it’s time to start looking for her first pair of classic diamond studs. They come in all sizes and shapes, from simple round to baguette and set in gold or silver in keeping with classic style. Of course, you may not want her to wear them all the time… for that, you can choose something less costly but still in classic style, like cubic zirconium earrings.

Whether tiny diamonds or CZ stones, stud earrings are first on the list of all things classic. And every woman—no matter her age—should have a pair in her jewelry wardrobe.


“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”—Italo Calvino

And that’s true for the simple initial necklace as well. If your name means something to you, your initial in a necklace is the classic way to sport it. Everyone who is anyone has one, whether it is her own initial or the initial of a loved one. Nothing is more personal and sweet than this classic beauty worn with your classic little black dress or a white t-shirt and jeans.


“I’ve always liked to dress eccentrically, but as I get older I’m drawn to more classic looks, though I’ll still put my own twist on them.”—Jaime Winstone

Simple rings are always classics, whether you wear only one on your ring finger, one on each finger, or stack them to make a statement. Each one you wear has the quality of making a moment shine like the stars, bringing the glittering waves to your toes in the sand, or hearing perfect note in an aria. This is a definite must for every girl’s jewelry box!


“People think I only wear new clothes, that I’m very trendy, but I like classic things on me, to mix with a trendy pair of shoes.”—Carine Roitfeld

Hoop earrings are timeless in that they appear every single year and never, ever, go out of fashion. The simple, round hoops in gold are the most classic of all, but ovals and even triangles can jazz up your wardrobe while still holding that timelessness. If your taste runs to the higher end style, invest in a classic pair with diamonds, in a smaller size and maybe in white gold instead of yellow.


“I like the classic look. Keep it simple. There’s only so much you can wear.”—C. Z.

Elegant chain link bracelets are not only abiding pieces of jewelry, they speak volumes about your enduring sense of history. Each tiny link places you in the midst of your never-ending story. Whether you prefer cable, box, Figaro, or curb, a link chain bracelet is your ticket to forever style. Add charms, if you like, to tell your story with plenty of memories attached.


“I like to keep things classic, not lavish or blinged out. I don’t even say that word. The last thing I want to be is over the top.”—Dhani Jones

The refined beauty of a single strand of pearls is eternal. The unfading glory of pearls transcends all time and goes with absolutely any outfit you choose to wear. The addition of pearls—whether in a pair of earrings, a dainty bracelet, or multiple strands of many colors draped gracefully around your neck—makes its mark as the ultimate classic statement. It says, “I am amaranthine, endless, immortal.”

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