6mm hollow rope chain 14k gold

Item #: qgch-040hd
Retail Value: 1625.00



  • The large 6mm hollow rope chain necklace is crafted in genuine 14k solid gold.

  • Available in 20, 22 and 24 inches.

  • This chain is a diamond-cut design (once the diamond-cut finish is applied, chain will measure 5.5mm thick. Many jewelers do not disclose this).

  • Includes the jewelry industry's best-in-class lobster claw clasp closure for ultimate comfort and fit.

  • Hollow rope chains are considered semi-solid, meaning that real 14k solid gold is used in every part of the chain but made in a lighter, more affordable weight than a fully solid version.

  • Gold weight is still substantial and valuable and varies based on length, approximately as follows:

  • 20 inches - 11.37 grams
    22 inches - 12.39 grams
    24 inches - 13.37 grams

  • If you would like a fully solid (non-hollow) rope chain, we have them available in our Gold Rope Chains collection.

  • Various thicknesses and styles, also shown below.

  • Ships within 1 business day.

  • Free shipping on every order within the U.S. (International shipping also available).
  • We guarantee our 6mm hollow rope chain 14k gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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