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Gold and Silver Apples Pendants

Gold and silver apple pendants and necklaces from Apples of Gold Jewelry!

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Apple Pendants

The apple is powerfully symbolic in poetry, Scripture and art. While the secular world associates the apple with teachers (or perhaps a farmer’s market), that sweet, sandy fruit has long been evocative of immortality, righteousness, and beauty. In Greek tradition, the Hespiredes were nymphs who tended an orchard that bore golden apples of immortality…one of which is said to have been tossed mischievously into a wedding party marking out Helen of Troy as the most beautiful—and sparking the Trojan War. Declare the incomparable beauty of a woman you love and admire with a golden apple of her own, like apple pendants in gold or sterling silver. Read more.

Irish poet W.B. Yeats referred to romantic memories of his youth as “the golden apples of the sun” in Song of the Wandering Aengus. Perhaps a poetical gift for a first love, on an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, the apple pendant in gold or silver will remind her that she is the star of your most cherished remembrances. In the Song of Solomon the apple is symbolic of beauty and in Proverbs, “a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a silver setting,” lending holy favor to this humble fruit. This apple pendant is a rare opportunity to honor the beauty and honor of your beloved’s words, her purity of speech and compassion—slip a handwritten copy of the Bible verse into the jewel box to truly touch her heart with the meaning of your tribute.

The golden or sterling silver apple pendant is a simple classic, modest enough for everyday wear close to her heart but elegant and eye-catching enough to adorn her neck for a candlelight dinner or an evening of dancing. The apple pendant’s uniqueness in a sea of common symbols like the heart or star will draw the admiring gaze of friends and family who will want to know the story behind the gift.

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