Captivated Heart Sterling Silver Necklace

Captivated Heart Sterling Silver Necklace

Item #: QGPD-QSX551
Retail Value: 125.00



The Captivated Heart Sterling Silver Necklace features a beautiful and stylish heart-shaped pendant in a contemporary design like no other. With its elegant outline of a silver heart and two perfectly symmetrical sides that lead to a shimmering stone set into the bottom of the heart, it makes for a truly interesting and distinctive piece.

This stylish pendant features a heart measuring 25mm by 25mm that is made from one continuous piece of sterling silver, carefully shaped into a cross-your-heart design leading down to a setting for a stunning princess-cut cubic zirconia. This unique design allows for the balanced looping of the 18" chain through the two curves at the top of the heart, letting the pendant hang freely around the neck. The center stone, a 5mm cubic zirconia, creates a centerpiece of light, like a heart within a heart. The high-polished sterling silver perfectly accents the shimmering stone, resulting in an overall stunning effect of light.

This sterling silver pendant creates an intriguing allure, from its unique design to the treatment of the chain as it loops through the heart, not to mention the shining cubic zirconia, which is a draw all on its own.

Pendant measures 25mm (1") by 25mm (1") and comes with an 18 inch chain.

We guarantee our Captivated Heart Sterling Silver Necklace to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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