Handmade 7mm 14K White Gold Cuban Link Bracelet

Item #: ast-8803-1030-brw
Retail Value: 5500.00


made in the USA

An alchemy of enduring elegance and nuanced craftsmanship, this 14k white gold 7mm Miami Cuban Link Bracelet transforms elemental gold into wearable allure. With its width of 7mm and a thickness of 3mm, the piece offers a tangible gravitas—both visually compelling and tastefully restrained. It thrives as a wearable talisman for both quotidian outings and momentous occasions.

Forged by skilled artisans in the U.S.A., this remarkable accessory entwines heritage with contemporary aesthetics. Whether it's gracing the wrist alongside denim or elevating a tailored suit, the bracelet anchors your look with a touch of sculpted luminosity.

Though presented in a default 8.5" length, the bracelet is amenable to personalization, offering additional lengths like 9", 9.5", 10", or your bespoke preference (available by request).

Expect a weight of approximately 35.5 grams for the standard 8.5" length—an earnest of its unstinting richness in solid white gold. The weight of the piece adapts fluidly as the length changes, an eloquent tribute to the material opulence embedded in every link.

Security meets sophistication with a robust box clasp, further fortified by twin safety latches, ensuring your investment remains steadfastly at your wrist. This clasp bears the dual responsibility of style and stability, excelling at both.

For the aficionados of elemental diversity, options in 18k, 22k, and even platinum are available. Each alternative adheres faithfully to the brand's commitment to superior artisanship and intricate detailing.

7mm Miami Cuban Link Bracelet in 14K Solid White Gold

  • Assured 14K White Solid Gold (Also available in 18K, 22K, and Platinum)
  • Artisanally Crafted in the U.S.A.
  • 45-Day Risk-Free Return & Exchange Policy
  • Complimentary U.S.A. Shipping (International Options Available)

Be advised, the singular nature of this handwrought piece entails a crafting period of approximately 4-6 weeks. This lead time speaks to the unhurried focus and artisanal rigor invested into each link, elevating the bracelet from a mere accessory to a legacy of stylized excellence.

We guarantee our Handmade 7mm 14K White Gold Cuban Link Bracelet to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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