10,000 Jewelry Items Listed on Apples of Gold Jewelry 

Apples of Gold Jewelry may not look like it has 10,000 jewelry listings, because everything is very well organized into various categories. But when we started our brand, our goal was to reach 10,000 products as our first milestone, and we have now reached that goal! (And we don’t plan on stopping at 10,000!)

We have been very selective about which jewelry items we add, based on quality, design, and value. Taking a value-based approach to our jewelry prices, we sometimes will even reject certain items that we normally would have added, but did not find it to be a good value to our customers. That’s why everything you see on Apples of Gold Jewelry is not only the same quality that you would see in traditional jewelry stores, but also often 30-40% lower in price.

This is one reason we don’t do a lot of large sales, like many other jewelers’ do. Often, jewelers’ mark up their jewelry 200-300% and then do a 25% off sale to make it look like they are value-based, whereas Apples of Gold has a more modest mark-up, while maintaining value-based prices all year round. That’s why our biggest sale is usually around 10% or so. (Btw: if you are reading this and are ready to purchase, give us a call and ask for a discount. We can almost always give you somewhere between 5%-10% off just for asking, depending on which item you are intending to purchase and what kind of promotions we may have behind the scenes). We always strive to work with our customers to create a loyal, long-term customer-base. So call or email us anytime!

When Apples of Gold Jewelry started, our goal was to list the name-brand quality jewelry without the name-brand cost. From there, we created some of our own unique designs, such as the 14k solid gold cross pendant for men that you see pictured right.

Recognizing a demand for a more substantial men’s cross necklace, for example, we came up with this fully solid (not hollow) 14k gold men’s cross with some depth and thickness to create an heirloom piece that can be worn daily and even passed on through the generations.

Most crosses on the market, even still today, are thin, cheap, and lower quality. We then took the same cross design, created a fully solid women’s cross pendant, and then branched out into different metals, such as white gold, platinum, and sterling silver in the design, all of which are available in our cross pendants category.

We also got a great start with our wedding bands collection, especially white gold wedding bands, which have continued to be very popular, along with two-tone bands and unique designers bands such as braided wedding bands and hammered wedding bands. As a Christian-owned company, we value the God-given institution of marriage and decided – very early on in our company – to offer a collection of high quality wedding bands. There would be absolutely no compromise when it comes to wedding rings, as wedding jewelry is something you want to cherish for the rest of your life and even pass on to children.

And so, even today, Apples of Gold Jewelry wedding rings continues to be among our best selling and most attractive and high quality jewelry that we carry. Be sure to browse both our wedding bands and diamond engagement rings.

Well, Apples of Gold Jewelry is not ready to stop at 10,000 jewelry listings. While we will refine and remove some products from time to time and keep our online catalog active and fresh, our hope is to move well beyond the 10,000 mark, and to that end, we press on and continue to seek our high-end jewelry manufacturers and suppliers who meet the Apples of Gold guidelines of quality, design, and value. Enjoy browsing our extensive jewelry line and be sure to also view the latest jewelry add to our line-up by visiting our new jewelry category. See what’s been newly added and check back often! We actually add many more items than we feature in the “new jewelry” category, but only display our very best and most fashionable pieces there for you to view. Enjoy browsing, shopping, and contact us any time with questions about our jewelry or our brand!


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