Tri-Color Gold Wedding Bands Among Our Most Popular Designs 

Apples of Gold Jewelry has a unique selection of wedding bands to begin with, but our tri-color gold wedding bands collection is by far among our most unique offering. Our rings are made using real 14k solid yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. While many of the designs are braided or woven rings, we also offer non-braided tri-color gold wedding bands as well. But the braided bands are popular and unique because of the symbolism and beauty of design that they offer. The woven design of braided rings makes them not only attractive, but symbolic of your union as husband and wife.

By far, our most popular tri-color gold wedding ring is the one pictured above/left. The simply 14k solid yellow gold band is adorned with three shades of gold braid in yellow, white, and genuine rose gold with a milgrain/rope border separating the braid from the shank of the ring.

This, along with all of our braided wedding rings, are available in both men’s and women’s sizes in perfect, matching sets. You can purchase them individually or buy two as a matching set for husband and wife. While nearly all of our wedding bands are available for both men and women, we’ve hand-selected a few of them to be listed together as a matching set. So be sure to also check out our matching wedding band sets, but if there’s one you don’t see listed, simply ask us or just add them to your cart individually, based on the ring size you would like!

This same tri-color gold wedding band is also available with a rose gold band instead of yellow, making it even more unique, as you can see pictured right. It’s the same exact ring, with the band and the rope-milgrain border made in 14k rose gold instead of yellow. In fact, we can make any combination of colors for the band, such as yellow, rose, or white gold (just ask if you don’t find it on our site!)

This band measures approx. 7.5mm wide and is suitable for both men and women.

We can also upgrade your ring to 18k solid gold by request or even make the band in platinum. Since each ring is handmade to order, we have many options, especially when it comes to metal types and colors.

You may also be interested to learn that all of our designer rings are individually made to order in the U.S.A. by jewelry craftsman who will take the time required to ensure the highest quality ring and design. (And we are quick for made to order jewelry. Our average ship-time is 7-10 days for most wedding bands). So while you want to plan ahead just a little, there is plenty of time to get your rings and we can sometimes even rush them if your wedding is fast approaching and also offer Overnight shipping for the transit time after they are made). Shipping is Free in the U.S. via UPS Ground normally.

If you don’t want a fully braided wedding ring, we also have other tri-color gold options available for you, such as the woven tri-color gold wedding ring, shown left. This has a “braided” or “woven” look without actually being braided, making it an even more durable ring.

Again, we have a yellow gold band (can be changed to white gold or rose gold by request) with a tri-color gold center (yellow, white, and rose gold) and a yellow gold milgrain-rope style border.

This band is suitable for both men and women, but is a slightly wider band at 8mm wide (which is not very wide for men, but would be slightly wider than average for most women; so it’s perfect for women who love wider bands!)

We have many styles and options to choose from at Apples of Gold Jewelry, not only in tri-color gold but in yellow gold or white gold wedding bands.

Contact us with any questions at any time! We are here to help!


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