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Unique Wedding Bands

Gold interlocking flexible wedding bandWedding band designs are each lovely and unique in their own way, but many couples are seeking a truly different alternative to traditional looking wedding bands. For these couples,  sealing their nuptials with the perfect, striking ring should be a representation of who they are as individuals. The design should speak to them and encompass their own personal style aesthetic.

For discerning couples seeking seriously unique wedding bands, we are excited to introduce a few new pieces in our collection of wedding rings. From super simple to elaborately designed, these handsome wedding bands are just the thing for couples who appreciate the unusual.  Paisley Carved Wedding Band

Paisley Carved Wedding Band

The design itself of this wedding band isn’t as uncommon as the fact that the paisleys are fully carved out. A blank recess behind the actual design lets the skin show through beneath the design for a strikingly modern take on a vintage design. The thick 9 mm width of this wedding band allows it to be won by both sexes, so couples can get matching bands.

Tricolor gold woven wedding band

Woven Rope Wedding Band

Couples who appreciate the beauty of simplicity will shine in this unique wedding band. Three thin pieces of solid white gold are woven around each other for a rope effect that is unlike any other wedding band. Guys and girls who love the look of yellow and rose gold can also have this stunning ring made in solid yellow gold, solid rose gold, platinum, or even tricolor gold (as pictured), each woven strand made with a different color gold.

Flexible Designer Wedding Band

If fine watches are part of a guy’s standard accessories, this flexible designer wedding band (shown at top left) will no doubt have tremendous appeal. Inspired by the interlocking, flexible links of a gold watch band, this unusual wedding band really showcases a man’s style.  Additionally, the flexibility of the ring makes it very comfortable to wear, which is always a huge plus for a men’s wedding band.

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