14K, 18K, or 22K Solid Gold Cross for Men? 

14k solid gold men's cross pendantApples of Gold Jewelry’s most popular cross pendant for men was originally offered in 14k gold. Apples of Gold Jewelry created this unique, fully solid, plain polished men’s cross, after seeing that most of the gold crosses on the market today are very flimsy, thin, and lightweight. Men need something a bit more masculine (without being over the top) and something that is 100% fully solid with some depth and thickness. You want a cross that will last generations, one that you will never have to replace.

The Apples of Gold Jewelry 14K Solid Gold Men’s Cross Pendant is such a piece.

With demand and popularity on this cross, we also started receiving requests for the same design in not only white gold, but rose gold, as well as 18k and 22k solid gold versions. And so began offering the same popular, best selling cross for men in 18k and 22k gold as well as rose gold (featured above/left: 14k solid gold men’s cross pendant).

So which is the best suited for you?

To answer that question, several factors should be weighed and considered.


14K Gold is the strongest and most durable. However, with a solid gold cross such as this one of this caliber and quality, you will have no problems upgrading to the finer 18k solid gold cross pendant or the 22k gold version. In a paper-thin or lightweight cross, metal purity could be an issue and we usually recommend 14k or perhaps 18k at its finest. But with a quality, fully-solid through and through cross like this one, you can go as high as 22k gold and maintain longevity. The only instance we would recommend strictly 14k gold would be if you are particularly rough on jewelry, but even so, any of these precious metals will withstand the strain!


If durability is not an issue, then the next factor to consider is color: 14k gold is the lightest color, with 18k gold being a more medium gold color and 22k gold being the darkest. Consider also the types of gold chains you would want to wear with your cross. While we have a wide variety of 14k solid gold chains available to match, 18k gold and 22k gold are also available, but in a narrowest selection. In fact, the only 22k gold chains, for example, that we currently offer are handmade. And while the quality is superior in a handmade gold chain, cost and weight can be a factor if budget is a concern. We do have a collection of 18k gold and 22k gold chains that are not listed on our website yet, as we have many options not yet promoted on our site, so simply contact us via email or phone to inquire about our gold chain options in the higher purity metals.


With color factored in, the only other consideration is cost and the desired level of gold purity. 22k solid gold is nearly pure with 22 out of 24 parts of the cross being solid gold (the other 2% is various allows which gives our craftsman the needed hardness coupled with malleability to fashion your solid gold cross). See our 22k solid gold men’s cross pendant for more details. Btw: Each of our solid gold crosses for men are individually crafted and made to order and then carefully hand-polished to create the utmost in quality jewelry.


In terms of weight and cost, the higher the precious metal purity, the heavier the cross will be and also the more expensive. For example, 18k gold is about 15% heavier than 14k and 22k gold is about 36% heavier than 14k gold. The labor costs on the higher metal purities are greater also as they require more individual time and craftsmanship to level the surface of the cross and remove all impurities from every side of the pendant. All prices from Apples of Gold Jewelry, however, are offered on a value-priced basis. That means that we offer the best possible prices (within reason and without cutting corners!) to offer you the highest quality jewelry @ an affordable price. Our prices tend to be about 30-40% lower than your traditional jewelry store.


Learn more about Apples of Gold Jewelry and browse our online store with over 10,000 jewelry items listed online! And never hesitate to email or call us — we are ever ready to help and ensure that you receive exactly what you want!

Apples of Gold Jewelry is a Christian-owned company who’s goal is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a small, family-run business and we love promoting the Bible! Contact us to learn more about who we are and what we do!

God bless!

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