3 Advantages of Platinum over White Gold 

Yes, platinum is the pricey metal. It is rare, it is valuable, and it can hit your pocketbook hard. But there are numerous reasons why choosing platinum jewelry hath its advantages – especially when considering which metal to choose for your wedding or engagement ring.

Platinum is Pure

Platinum is virtually in its pure state. Most platinum jewelry, especially platinum wedding bands (at least the higher-end ones), is made with 950 grade platinum, which is 95% platinum or 5% other, closely related alloys like iridium or ruthenium, for example, which make the metal malleable for jewelry making.

Other metals like gold or white gold have less actual precious metal, such as 14k which is 58.3% gold. 18K is also popular in Europe, for example, or among those with more expensive tastes, but even 18k is only 75% gold (18 of 24 parts), since gold in its pure state is 24 karats.

But platinum is nearly all precious.

Platinum is the Real Deal

Platinum is not trying to imitate another metal. It is the real thing. Other metals only “try” to be platinum. White Gold, which we also like, is, however, ultimately, the finest platinum imitation on the market. White Gold was originally considered the poor man’s “platinum”. With platinum a rarity and prices not being practical for everyone who desires the precious white metal, jewelers came up with “white gold”, by mixing pure gold w/ white alloys, like nickel or other white alloys to create a platinum alternative.

Platinum? Not so much so. It is the metal that other metals aspire to be.

Platinum is More Valuable

Ultimately, jewelry should not be considered only an investment. First and foremost, it has personal and aesthetic value and appeal. But, secondarily, it is, nevertheless, a valuable precious metal. Yes, you pay more for platinum, but it is also worth more and has a higher resale value than any other fine jewelry metal on the market. As platinum is more rare, it is likely, that it will increase in value over time, making not only a beautiful investment, but a lucrative one.

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