5 Creative Ways to Propose with a Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring 

5 Creative Ways to Propose with a Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring Green Amethyst gemstone rings are just plain beautiful and any girl will fall in love with them instantly. If you have a special girl in your life and you are ready to propose to her, then you can propose to her with a green Amethyst ring in one of these five amazing and creative ways:

1. The Balloon Proposal

Take ten small pieces of paper and on each of the pieces, write one reason why you love your partner so much. Insert these individual ten pieces into ten separate balloons, blow these balloons up and, with the help of a string, tie these balloons along the staircase. There will also be an eleventh balloon in which you will insert your ring, blow it up, and while kneeling down hold the balloon at the top of the staircase.

After the preparation is complete, you will allow your partner to come inside and start climbing the staircase, popping one balloon at a time as she does so. By the time she reaches the top, she would have read all the ten reasons of why you love her, and will also find you kneeling down with the final balloon containing the ring inside. Such a romantic gesture will surely take her breath away.

2. The Love Song Proposal

As a couple, you might have a mutual favorite love song that reminds you of each other whenever it is being played. Make plans to take her to a good restaurant and talk to the management about playing your special song at the end of your dinner. This will likely surprise her completely. When this happens, you can kneel down right next to her with the amethyst ring and propose to her.

5 Creative Ways to Propose with a Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring 3. The treasure Hunt Proposal

Organize a treasure hunt for your loved one by placing several clues around the house, with the last clue taking her straight towards the ring. You can also invite several friends over so that this moment can be even more special. This treasure hunt does not necessarily have to be within your home. You can organize your clues all over the town if you want to. Just be sure it is done with care.

4. The Newspaper Ad Proposal

Purchase a full page ad in a newspaper that you both read and have a great proposal printed on that page. When your special girl reaches that page, she will surely be surprised.

5. The Breakfast In Bed Proposal

Surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed. When she is done with her breakfast, pop the question, or maybe even leave the ring in an empty pepper container. This way, when she tries sprinkling some pepper on her egg, she will hear clinking sounds, get curious, open up the container, and find the ring inside.

There are many proposal ideas and you might have one of your own. Why not share that with us? Or better yet, execute that idea if you have not already. She is going to love it no matter what!

5 Creative Ways to Propose with a Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring

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