50th Anniversary: Gold 

Looking for gifts of gold to celebrate your 50th anniversary and golden jubilee? Check out our list of gold jewelry items to surprise your husband or wife of 50 years!

Living together for half a century and getting a chance to celebrate it is a milestone that not everyone can reach. It is definitely something that a couple should be proud of. Hence, why not celebrate this special event with a gift of gold? If you’re planning a surprise party, you can customize it with a golden theme for a perfect evening. There must be a reason why gold is such a prominent gift choice on a 50th anniversary. Read on to learn more. 

Gold Jewelry for Your 50th Anniversary

Reaching the 50-year mark in your marriage is certainly a cause for celebrations, and gifting precious gold jewelry is just the way to celebrate. Whether you’re looking for engraved jewelry, personalized bracelets or a ring set, make sure you pick a gift that depicts the beautiful relationship between you two or your loved ones. In the five decades that you’ve spent together, you must have made countless memories with your partner and given plenty of gifts, both big and small. But on a special occasion such as a golden jubilee, you have to give something very special. 

At Apples of Gold Jewelry, we can help you find a quality anniversary gift. 

Gold Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

The Handmade Men’s 14k Solid Gold 7mm Curb-Link Bracelet is a great bracelet to gift a husband. This bracelet features a secure, heavy lobster claw clasp and is available in three sizes 8.5, 9, and 9.5 inches. It’s sure to make for a great addition to your husband’s jewelry collection. Not to mention, it will be the perfect accessory to wear at your 50th-anniversary events. 

A gold cross is also a deeply spiritually and meaningful gift for your husband of 50 years that he is sure to cherish for the rest of his life!

Gold Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

The 14k Gold Flat Bangle Bracelet, 6mm (1/4″), is a simple, minimalist bracelet that’s well-suited for the occasion. On a 50th anniversary, it’s likely that you want to celebrate with special jewelry that symbolizes your eternal love. It comes in three sizes 7, 7.5, and 8 inches. 

Gold Gifts for Husband and Wife

Looking for a gold jewelry gift that is both stylish and affordable? For couples, one of the best gifts is a 14k Solid Gold Celtic Wedding Band Ring. This wedding ring shows a bespoke pattern that’s sure to captivate your significant other. Featuring a line of Celtic knots, the rings will symbolize the strength of your love for each other and how it has lasted the test of time. 

If you’re looking for another best gift for couples on their golden jubilee, then a 14k solid gold plain thick cross pendant is a good choice. The 14k gold polished cross pendant is the ideal gift for couples whose faith brings them closer to God and to each other. The pendant will symbolize how their devotion to God plays an important role in their marriage. 

50th Anniversary Gifts from Apples of Gold Jewelry

There are many 50th golden anniversary gifts to choose from, especially with a company who specializes in gold jewelry. Please contact Apples of Gold Jewelry for ideas, questions and more information! We are glad to help.

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