Affordable Solid Gold Wedding Bands: Beauty on a Budget 

Affordable Wedding BandsVersatile 14K gold wedding bands come in styles for every bride and groom, and they’re great choices for their shine and variety of colors. However, when choosing, there’s more to consider than the good looks of these rings! Choosing quality, solid gold is crucial when you’re seeking out the pieces that will represent your love for a lifetime.

Apples of Gold makes solid gold wedding bands affordable! Unlike most conventional jewelers, Apples of Gold doesn’t mark up their jewelry to two or even three times the original cost; instead, they seek to provide true value and their mark-up for jewelry is an average of 40 percent less than that of most traditional jewelry sellers.

14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band

White gold wedding rings are the most popular picks for wedding bands, and vintage designs that are portrayed in 14K white gold are stunning ways to showcase its cool beauty, as well as to bring a touch of the romance of the past into the present. The 14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band brings the past to life through an elegantly-sculpted three-dimension paisley motif that wraps the wearer’s finger with grace. This gleaming design is framed by rope-like borders and smooth polished edges that hem it in with sophistication and class. If you’d prefer, this antique-style ring is also available in several two-tone 14K white gold combinations.

Braided Wedding Band - 14K Two-Tone Gold

Two-tone 14K gold wedding bands are another excellent way to take advantage of Apples of Gold’s affordable prices! These stunning pieces combine two colors of gold to draw attention to their designs, as well as to the meaning behind them, and the Braided Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is a striking example. This eye-catching wedding ring is wrapped in flat braided strands of shining 14K yellow gold, creating a vivid picture of the way that a husband and wife are inextricably woven together to become one flesh. This gleaming braid is bordered by 14K white gold rope-like accents and hemmed in by smooth polished edges. If you’d prefer, this style is also available in several single metals as well as in a two-tone variation that pairs white gold with rose gold.

Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldCeltic designs are particularly striking when given the two-tone treatment, and the Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is no exception. This modern take on a centuries-old motif gives Celtic style a bold look with a bit of an edge. An interlocking Celtic knot, crafted from shining 14K yellow gold, wraps around this ring in seamless fashion, creating a gleaming symbol of love that binds two people together, never to be separated. This motif stands out in contrast to a flat band of 14K yellow gold in your choice of widths, either 7mm or 8.5mm.

From vintage wedding bands for women to hammered styles to diamond-studded designs, wedding bands that are crafted from 14K gold are excellent picks for brides and grooms looking for quality and beauty. And, when you purchase them from Apples of Gold, you’ll get not only quality bands but a great value as well.

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