American-made Wedding Bands From an American Company! 

On Presidents Day and every day, Apples of Gold is proud to be an American company! We’re honored to offer our customers jewelry that’s not only top-quality, but that’s also an investment in the economy. Buying from American companies and purchasing American-made products is one way that everyday people can help to create and sustain jobs, and this is especially true when it comes to once in a lifetime purchases like wedding bands.

14K White Gold Wide Braided Wedding Band

Apples of Gold is not only an American company; it also sells American-made jewelry. Over 90 percent of the pieces that it offers have been manufactured in the United States; this percentage is even higher for its extensive collection of wedding bands, giving brides and grooms plenty of gorgeous ways to support the American economy as well as celebrate their love.

The 14K White Gold Wide Braided Wedding Band is just one of the seemingly endless American-made styles in Apples of Gold’s collection. This solid 14K white gold wedding ring is wrapped in never-ending fashion with an elegant braid, a motif that serves as a symbol of the way that two are woven into one in a marriage, becoming stronger together than either could be alone. Smooth, shining edges hem in this design, which is also available as a pair for the bride and groom in the 14K White Gold Wide Braided Wedding Band Set.

Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

The concept of hard work is central to the idea of the American dream, and styles that bear the distinct mark of a craftsman provide a glimpse of the care that went into their creation. The Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band in14K White Gold is a lovely example of craftsmanship with a personal touch. Its meticulously engraved swirls and flowers instantly evoke a feeling of romance as they bring the style of the Victorian Era to life. This 3mm-wide ring is also available in 18K white gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold or platinum.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference when you’re buying American-made products: a 2011 ABC News report stated that if every American would spend just $64 on something made in the country, 200,000 new jobs would be created. If such a small amount can make such an impact, think of the difference you could make by buying an American-made wedding band! Apples of Gold is proud to offer a multitude of ways for you to do just that.

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