White Gold Wedding Bands: Classics for a Reason 

white gold paisley wedding bands, vintage sytleWith the modern metals that are trending in wedding jewelry, today’s brides and grooms may be tempted to overlook more traditional options. While contemporary picks such as titanium certainly have their own unique and appealing attributes, don’t discount white gold! White gold wedding bands are durable, have a cool, versatile shine and come in styles for nearly every taste.

14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring

White gold first became popular in the 1920s, when it was promoted as a more affordable alternative to platinum. While its ability to emulate the cool shine of platinum is certainly an asset, white gold is far more than a mere substitute for a more expensive metal! It’s a gorgeous option in its own right and an excellent option for wedding bands.

14K White Gold Concave Wedding Band

Like all gold that’s used in jewelry, white gold is an alloy, combining it with other metals to make the gold durable enough to use in jewelry. A ring that’s made from 100 percent gold wouldn’t hold its shape well as the pure version of this metal is very malleable; however, with the addition of other metals, such as nickel, it becomes an excellent medium for jewelry that lasts.

One of the reasons that white gold is such a popular pick is that it can be shaped into a wide range of styles, from meticulously-crafted vintage designs to sleek classic styles. If looks from the past catch your eye, try one of Apples of Gold’s vintage 14K white gold wedding rings such as the Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring. This striking style displays an elegantly-carved paisley motif, a sculpted design that seems to dance around the wearer’s finger with time-honored charm.  Delicate beaded borders frame this lovely design, while smooth edges provide shining contrast.The most popular variety of white gold is 14K white gold, an alloy that contains 58.3% gold and 41.7% other metals that serve not only to add durability, but also to provide a cool color. This combination provides an excellent balance of good looks and strength—it’s no wonder that it’s often considered the standard for wedding bands!

If you’d rather a modern design that keeps the focus on the cool beauty of white gold, don’t miss the 14K White Gold Concave Wedding Band! This unique style turns the traditional wedding band inside out by causing it to curve inward from the edges rather than outward. This contemporary pick is available in your choice of widths, from 7mm to 10mm. Or, try the 14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring, which showcases white gold with two contrasting finishes.18K White Gold Paisley Design Wedding Band

If you’re draw to the look and attributes of white gold and are looking for an extra luxurious touch, 18K white gold wedding bands are your perfect picks! Apples of Gold carries dozens of 18K white gold styles (including 18K white gold versions of the three rings we just looked at), providing looks that speak of the incredibly precious nature of your love.

Regardless of whether you choose 14K or 18K, white gold wedding rings are classics for good reason!

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