Pink Sapphire Rings: A Bright Twist on the September Birthstone 

Pink Sapphire Modern Solitaire Ring, 14K White GoldThere’s more than one face to the September birthstone! In addition to the rich, dark blue gem that comes to mind when most people think of the sapphire, this classic precious gem comes in a stunning pink variety, one that immediately draws the eye with its perfect combination of boldness and feminine charm in pink sapphire rings.

Pink sapphires don’t need fancy treatment to be striking—a quality clearly demonstrated by the Pink Sapphire Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold! The classic single-stone style gets a modern and feminine twist in this simply gorgeous piece as a 6mm round pink sapphire is held by four pairs of prongs rather than four single prongs.14K Rose Gold Asscher-Cut Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

Pink sapphire and diamond rings add extra sparkle to this head turning gem, whether the style is simple or show-stopping. If you’d rather a show-stopping look, try the 14K Rose Gold Asscher-Cut Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring, a unique design that surrounds a 5m Asscher-cut pink sapphire with 20 white diamonds to create a flower that that’s always in bloom.

Pink and Blue Sapphire Three Stone Ring in 14K White GoldOr, for a ring that showcases the striking beauty of pink topaz and contrasts it with its traditional counterpart, you can’t miss the stunning Pink and Blue Sapphire Three Stone Ring in 14K White Gold! This bold style with geometric, Art Deco flair gives your finger an eye-catching combination of bright pink and deep blue—a look that’s modern as it gives a nod to the 1920s. Three pink sapphires—a 5mm, Asscher-cut stone and two 2.4mm round side gems—are framed with dozens of small round blue sapphires. Additional blue sapphires stud the slender 14K white gold band for extra sparkle and sophistication.

Like their blue counterparts, pink sapphire rings have timeless sparkle—not to mention a naturally durable nature. However, their daring dose of feminine beauty sets them apart.

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