Don’t Miss Asscher-Cut Gemstone Rings! 

Looking for a gemstone ring with a uniquely dazzling cut? If so, don’t miss the Asscher-cut gemstone rings that Apples of Gold just added to their collection!

The Assher Cut was developed in Holland in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, a famous jeweler who owned the Asscher Diamond Company (now the Royal Asscher Diamond Company) in Amsterdam. At the time, the round cut brilliant diamond was popular, and the more angular Asscher Cut looked forward to the geometric styles of the Art Deco Period that would catch on in the decades to come. Its perfectly square shape, small step-like facets, blunted corners and flat top were designed to draw the eye into the center of the diamond, bring out its “fire” and give it incredible dazzle. The 58 facets that comprise this cut work together to emphasize the depth of a stone rather than just the surface.

Asscher-Cut White Sapphire Ring in 14K White GoldThis new cut was a variation of a cut that was favored in the 19th Century, the cushion cut, and is considered a forerunner of the similar but more rectangular emerald cut.  Although the Asscher Cut has passed its 100th birthday, its ability to draw the eye into the center of its incredible sparkle makes it a refreshing choice for modern jewelry.

While the Asscher cut is usually associated with a diamond, it can give a number of gemstones a gorgeous sparkle. Whether showcased solo or accented with diamonds, these gems make any ring that holds them something truly special.

14K Rose Gold Asscher-Cut Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cluster RingThe Asscher-Cut White Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold may look like a diamond solitaire at first glance, but it actually features a dazzling white sapphire that’s cut to draw eyes and keep them fixed upon its sparkle. Like all sapphires, it’s second in hardness only to a diamond, making this a piece that that can be passed on to future generations. This 6.5mm gem is held by a shining 14K white gold band for a look that’s sleek and sophisticated. If you’d prefer a different metal to showcase this unique and dazzling stone, this ring is also available in yellow gold, 18k gold or platinum by request.

Pink sapphire rings are always brilliant picks, and when one of these rings features an Asscher-cut stone, it becomes even more extraordinary. The Asscher-Cut Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring is a truly show-stopping piece. This ring features a bold 5mm Asscher-Cut Pink Sapphire that serves as the vibrant, sparkling center of a gemstone flower. A total of 20 diamonds, 0.30 carats in all, surround these stones like glimmering petals, as an inner circle of large stones and an outer circle of smaller diamonds provide the perfect accents for the center gem. This dazzling style is also available in several other metal options, including warm, soft rose gold. You can also opt for a larger center stone if you’re looking for a ring that will really stop traffic.

The Asscher Cut may not be new, but its dazzle makes it a refreshing choice. Try one of these rings for a huge dose of sparkle.

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