Floral-inspired Diamonds Rings: Hints of Spring in the Last Days of Winter 

By the time the end of February rolls around, many of us are more than ready for a touch of spring and the new life it brings. While you may have to wait a little longer for warmer weather, you don’t have to wait to add a touch of life to your jewelry collection. Diamond rings that feature floral-inspired designs bring a bit of spring-like sparkle any time of year.

William Shakespeare wrote that “Love’s gentle spring doth always fresh remain.” When the initial butterflies of new love wear off, true love remains fresh and never stops growing. Diamond rings that call to mind the vibrancy of spring create pretty pictures of affection and commitment that will never grow stale.

0.95 Carat Diamond Flora Ring in 14K White GoldThe 0.95 Carat Diamond Flora Ring in 14K White Gold captures the beauty of the natural world and preserves it in dazzling fashion. A 0.75-carat round diamond plays the starring role in this uniquely gorgeous ring, presiding over a collection of side stones that point the way to this central gem. These accent diamonds form an elegant stem and leaf pattern that makes this a truly exceptional piece.

In addition to bringing a touch of life to your look, rings with botanically-inspired beauty can serve as stunning ways to pop the question. Engagement rings with floral designs are gorgeous ways to express that your love fills you with vibrancy and allows you to bloom.

1/4 Carat Vintage Floral Diamond RingVictorian and Art Deco styles with floral touches are excellent ways to represent a love that is always in bloom. These rings have proven their staying power, making them wearable symbols of an affection and commitment will never die. The 1/4 Carat Vintage Floral Diamond Ring is a lovely example of vintage styles’ ability to communicate enduring love. This century-old design features a round quarter-carat diamond, placed in an airy openwork setting. Delicate engraved flowers accent this sweet and sophisticated ring and give it a sense of old-fashioned yet timeless beauty. This piece could serve as a feminine fashion statement or as a unique engagement ring. Or, if you’d prefer to pop the question and tie the knot with a Victorian floral style, this striking diamond ring is also available as part of a matching wedding band set.

Floral Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White GoldThe Floral Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold is overflowing with diamonds and this abundance of stones creates a stunning three-dimensional flower that’s sure to turn heads and solicit compliments. A marquise-cut diamond, over a third carat in weight, forms the center of this dazzling blossom, while six pairs of diamonds, upheld by white gold “petals” surround it. Additional channel-set diamonds are lavished upon the top half of the band. The white gold foundation upon which these stones are set provides a cool, gleaming backdrop for this brilliant blossom.

Whether you’re itching for spring or looking for a way to celebrate a love that fills you with life, diamond rings with floral designs are beautiful options. Unlike the blossoms that will soon be popping up through the snow, these flowers will never fade.

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