Sapphire Engagement Rings: Declare Your True-Blue Love 

Sapphire Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White GoldFew gemstones have the sophistication of a sapphire. And, no stone has the ability to communicate a love that’s true blue quite like this one. The striking deep blue sparkle of this gem makes sapphire engagement rings  excellent picks when you want to declare that your love is true, rich and never-fading.

One of the four classic precious gemstone, the sapphire has a long history of being sought after and admired. Sapphire engagement rings have been worn by numbers member of the ruling class, from the modern-day Duchess of Cambridge to ladies of “Hollywood royalty,” including Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford and Penelope Cruz.

Enchanted Blue Sapphire Ring, 14K White GoldIn addition to its undeniable beauty, the sapphire’s impressive durability adds to its suitability for engagement rings. This gem ranks just below the diamond on the Mohs scale (a measure of hardness), making it a stone of lasting beauty—perfect for celebrating a love that will remain brilliant for a lifetime.

From classic to vintage to contemporary, the sapphire brings rich color and sparkle to a wide range of engagement rings. If the one you love is a fan of timeless styles, try the Sapphire Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold. This eye-catching twist on the classic single-stone ring comes in your choice of three stone sizes, held in a four-prong setting.

Modern Halo Sapphire Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldFor a vintage take on rich blue sparkle, it’s hard to beat the Enchanted Blue Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold. This lovely Victorian style is also available as part of the Antique-Style Sapphire Wedding Ring Set.

If you’d rather a bolder, more contemporary style, try the Modern Halo Sapphire Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold, which pairs a 6mm round sapphire with 38 dazzling diamonds. Regardless of whether you choose a sapphire engagement ring that’s classic, vintage or contemporary, it’s sure to celebrate your true-blue love for a lifetime.

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