Average Chain Length for Men 

The Short Answer: The average chain length for men is 20 inches. Most men of average height and build purchase 20 inch chain necklaces. Some opt for 22” if they want a slightly longer hang length, others 24” or even longer, if they prefer their chains longer. The length of the chain may also be chosen based on the build. For example, if you have a slightly larger build, 22 inches may be the starting point for you.

Chain Length for Men

You have chosen the perfect chain style for men. But how do you know if you are purchasing the right length for yourself or your man? Choosing whether the chain necklace should be short or long can affect both the overall impression your style makes and how comfortable you are wearing your chain.

Chain necklaces are a simplistic and adaptable piece of jewelry that any man can wear. Men frequently wear sterling silver or solid gold chains as their first piece of jewelry (other than a watch or wedding ring).

Measure Your Neck Size or Collar

The first step for a man buying a necklace is to measure the size of his neck or collar using a tape measure because our bodies vary in size. The shortest length that will fit a man’s neck is approximately 2 inches longer than his collar size. For example, an 19 inch necklace would be the smallest size anticipated to fit a man with a 17-inch collar comfortably.

As mentioned above, 20” is the average chain length for men.

Different Chain Lengths for Men, 18″ – 30″

Men’s chain necklaces often start at 18 inches and increase in length every two inches until they reach 24 inches, or sometimes 26, 28 or 30 inches for extra-long lengths. Fortunately, the wide range of conventional lengths implies that customization is generally not an issue. Everybody can find a chain that will be a perfect fit for them.

An average man’s chain normally measures 20 inches in length and hangs around the area of the collar bone. This is typically regarded as the ideal location for a chain to lie.

A crewneck or V-neck shirt won’t clash with or be obscured by your collar when you are wearing one. It will probably fall between the first and second button if you’re donning a button-up over a collared shirt. Below are the various chain lengths for men:

18 Inch

On most males, the 18-inch length would be regarded as a choker. This length necklace may be an inch below a man’s Adam’s apple, depending on the size of his neck. This length could be unpleasant and overly tight for most adult male, but is often suitable for teenagers.

20 Inches

The 20-inch chain, the most popular length for men’s necklaces of average size and build, will probably land between the first and second buttons of a man’s shirt or at the collarbone. You can comfortably wear this chain size inside or outside a shirt.

22 Inches

Another popular chain length for men is the 22-inch chain. This one looks great with a cross, dog tag, or any other pendant attached to the chain. Normally worn outside a shirt, this chain hangs a few inches below the collarbone.

24 Inches

The 24-inch chain length is best worn outside of your shirt, with the length falling around the middle of your sternum or a few inches above it, according to your height. For pendants, such as dog tags and gold crosses, among others, this chain length is ideal for men who prefer their pendants to hang lower down on the chest.

26-28 Inches

Depending on the wearer’s height, 26 or 28 inch chain necklaces typically hang in the middle or slightly over the sternum. Normally, necklaces that are 24′′ or longer, including chains that are 26 or 28 inches, are worn over shirts, as there is no sense getting an extra long chain only to cover it up, nor would it be as comfortable underneath your shirt.

30 Inches

The 30-inch chains are obviously the lowest hanging of all the standard length chains and the longest standard necklace chain for men. Some jewelry stores don’t offer 30 inch chains and most stop at 24 inches. Apples of Gold Jewelry has 26, 28 and 30 inch chain lengths available in most styles.

The Width / Thickness of Your Chain

To begin with, when we refer to “chain thickness,” we are referring to the width of the necklace links, which is measured from side to side in millimeters (mm). The thickness would refer to the depth of a chain. For a example, a 6mm figaro chain, maybe 6mm wide x 2.5mm thick.

Chain necklaces for men range from 1mm to 6mm or more and can vary based on both the style of the chain and whether you are wearing your chain with a pendant. The pendant size can also, of course, determine the appropriate width of your chain.

On average, if you are looking for pendant chains, a 2mm – 4mm link chain would be most suitable. On average, a 3mm curb chain, for example, is ideal for most men’s pendants. For a slightly smaller or lighterweight pendant you may opt for a 2mm chain and for a larger one, you may opt for a 4mm chain, and so on.

If you are looking instead for gold box chains, for example, width ranges for men usually start at 1mm and go up as far as 2mm or more. We usually recommend a 1mm or 1.2mm gold box chain for most men’s pendants. If it is a heavier pendant, consider a 1.5mm gold box chain for men or even our 1.9mm for heavier pendants. Since the box chain is square and solid, you don’t have to go as wide as a flat link chain to get gold or silver weight.

Average Chain Length for Men
Average Chain Length for Men

If you are considering something like gold rope chains, typically a 2mm, 2.5mm rope chain or even 3mm rope is best suited for most men and most pendants.

Chains in the 5mm to 7mm width or larger typically are for stand alone chains that you wear by themselves.

Although 7mm and larger chains are less frequent, you can still get them if you know where to search. Apples of Gold Jewelry does also carry large and heavy gold chains and we can also custom make most chain styles in heavier and wider gauges.

We hope this in-depth guide has helped you to not only select the right chain length for men but also the perfect style that suits your taste. If you need help selecting the best chain length that suits you, feel free to contact us at any time. We will have a personalized conversation with you, understand your goals for your chain or pendant and help determine the perfect chain size for men that works for you!

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