Best Gold Chains for Men 

Every man has a different sense of style. Numerous designs, lengths, and precious metals are available for men’s chain necklaces, including sterling silver, solid gold chains, white gold or even platinum. Here is a guide to some of the most frequently purchased, most popular and best gold chains for men.

Box Chains

Let’s begin with the basics. Gold box chains are suitable for both men and women and are often worn with pendants. The traditional square, box links design makes them an instant, timeless classic. The best thing about box chains and why both men and women often opt to go with this style is their simplicity in design. You can wear this chain in the background without detracting from the design and focal point of the pendant you want to feature. 

Box chains come in a variety of widths and lengths. Box chains for men usually start at a minimum of 0.9mm width, although we usually recommend upgrading to at least 1mm or 1.2mm at a minimum to get something a little more substantial if it is within your budget.

Many men will opt for heavier box chains, such as a 1.5mm gold box chain, 1.9mm or even 2.5mm box chain as one of the heaviest gauges available. Once you get into the 1.5mm+ range, these chains become substantial and more masculine chains that will endure. Often the width and thickness, however, will depend on the size and weight of your pendant, so adjust accordingly.

Finally, since the box chain is square and solid, a 2.5mm gold box chain, for example, can feel more substantial and be heavier than a 2.5m curb chain necklace, since the curb is flat, whereas the box is square. The 2.5mm will be a very substantial and quality chain for men. Be sure that your pendant’s bail can accommodate it by asking the jeweler you are purchasing from to measure the opening of the bail size of your pendant for chains.

Curb Chains

Curb Chains, which also come in a variety of styles such as Cuban chains, are undoubtedly one of the most popular men’s necklace designs. Their defining characteristic is the flat, interconnecting, oval, beveled or flat links that make up a curb link chain necklace.

This chain, which is typically formed with heavier links and is masculine in style, substance and weight, making them one of the most durable chains available today. Each link is literally soldered together, much like a chain link fence. As such, the curb chain, like most gold link chains, are the most durable type of chain necklace for men that you can buy. This is why they are a timeless classic, along with their traditional and masculine style.

If you want a heavier, thicker curb chain with links that are closer together, consider Miami Cuban Link Chains as an alternative. These are going to be considerably thicker and heavier.

We often recommend a 2mm width as the starting point for men, but the average that most men purchase for pendant is around 3mm or 4mm widths. Once you get into 5mm or 6mm+, link chains are usually worn by themselves, without a pendant, unless you are wearing it with a larger, heavier and more substantial pendant, such as Apples of Gold’s Extra-Large 14K Solid Gold Cross Pendant, for example, which we recommend with a 4mm – 6mm link chain.

To find the chain length that is suitable for you, see our informative article: Chain Length for Men to see if you should get a 20”, 22”, 24” or 30” chain.

Figaro Chains

The figaro chain has a simple appearance but packs a powerful style punch. A Figaro chain’s larger oval links are its distinguishing feature, joined by smaller round or oval links, usually in a 3-to-1 alternating pattern (1 elongated link followed by 3 smaller links). 

The figaro chain has been a classic for men and there appears to be no end in sight for this traditional and stylish design. Like all link chains, the figaro is one of the most durable chain necklaces for men that you can purchase. 

Like the curb chain, we recommend 2-4mm widths for most men’s pendants or 5mm-7mm+ if worn by itself or with larger pendants.

Rope Chains

Rope chains may appear to the admirer to be two metal strands that have simply been twisted together. But, in fact, this complicated chain comprises numerous tiny links that are joined together to form a rope-like design. Rope chains are often handmade and are also one of the most popular, timeless, and enduring gold chains for men. The rope chain’s unique texture, including the popular diamond-cut finish, blends well with other necklaces and is frequently used with men’s pendants. The rope chain is another very strong and durable chain like the link chain and continues to be a timeless classic for that reason, along with it’s unique rope-like design.

Most rope chains for men start at 2mm or 2.5mm when worn with most men’s pendants. But for something slightly more substantial, consider a 3mm rope chain necklace. With rope chains at this width, however, be sure to find out if the bail for your pendant will accommodate the size. Since rope chains are round in diameter, rather than flat, you may need a slightly larger bail once you get into the 3mm+ range for some pendants. For example, Apples of Gold’s most popular 14k solid gold cross pendant for men will fit up to a 4mm link chain or up to a 3mm rope chain without changing out the hoop or bail. However, we do have larger bails also available by customer order if you prefer a larger chain. 

Mariner Chains

Oval links and a unique bar are used to create mariner chains. This chain is also sometimes referred to as anchor chain, although most anchor chains have alternating horizontal and vertical links to create a twist in the chain links as a part of the unique design. The mariner chain necklace is a variation of the curb chain but with a vertical bar down its center. The mariner design makes a stunning statement chain because of both its creativity and classic design. Many people who prefer a classic link chain but want a little added design to keep it more interesting opt for the mariner chain.

Choosing the Right Gold Chain for You

There is no particular right answer. The chain you choose will depend on your sense of style and also the pendant you plan to match it up with, whether you are planning to purchase solid yellow gold or white gold chains, sterling silver or platinum.

If you want something simple, the box chain may be the way to go, especially for smaller pendants, unless you go with a heavier 1.5mm+ box, which is also suitable for larger pendants. 

The curb, figaro, mariner or link chain may be best suited for you if you wanted the strongest chains on the market, followed very closely by the rope chain. 

Often customers ask us which chain is stronger, the rope or the link, and it is hard to answer, as they are both the most durable chains you can purchase.

There are even unique alternatives such as gold Franco chains or wheat chains, cable or cuban links.

We hope this gold chains buying guide for men has helped you narrow down your chain selection. If you have any questions about any of our gold chains, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always glad to have the conversation with you and help guide you into the best chain style, width and length that is suited for you!

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